HE Mouse Vs Evoluent Mouse - Product Review and Comparison

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With so many different types of ergonomic mice on the market, it can quickly become confusing to pick which one is best for you. In an effort to help make this decision easier for you, we will be writing some short reviews on some of the popular ergonomic mice on the Australian and New Zealand market. As always though, if you have any specific questions or want more information, leave us a comment on this post or drop us an email on info@nomorepainergonomics.com.au

Both the HE Mouse and the Evoluent Mouse are very good vertical ergonomic mice. Choosing either of these mice is going to be a smart choice if you are after a high quality ergonomic mouse. Let's start with a quick comparative summary of each of the mice.

HE Mouse

Price: $59.95 + Shipping

5 Buttons including Scroll Wheel
Thumb Groove / Rest
Right Handed Model Only

Dimension: 8.3cm (W) x 10.6cm (L) x 7.5cm (H)
Cable Length: 155cm


Evoluent Mouse

Price: $169.95 + Shipping

5 Buttons including Scroll Wheel
Thumb Groove / Rest
Wired or Wireless
Available in Left or Right Handed Versions

Dimension: 8.9cm (W) x 11.1cm (L) x 8.3cm (H)
Cable Length: 165cm


The Evoluent Mouse is the larger of the two mice, however both are considered to be quite large ergonomic mice. Given the size of these mice, they are best suited to users with larger hands (17.8cm or more) - read our article on how to measure and determine what size ergonomic mouse is best for you. Both mice are also have a "chunky" feel to them, particularly given their width. This makes for a nice feel when you hold the mouse and essentially helps to reduce the gripping required to secure the mouse when you use it.

Both the Evoluent Mouse and the HE Mouse operate very similarly, both offering great responsiveness and accuracy. It is difficult to notice one as better then the other when you start to use them. Styling wise, the Evoluent Mouse appears to offer a more appealing design and use of colors, but the HE Mouse is still quite pleasant to look at. Both are sure to make an impression on anyone who has never seen one of these mice before.

Price is definitely where we start to notice a difference between the two mice. The Evoluent Mouse is significantly more expensive then the HE Mouse. At more then double the price of the HE Mouse, but with essentially the same features, this makes it difficult to justify the extra costs associated with the Evoluent Mouse. If you are looking for a wireless variety or left handed variety, then the Evoluent Mouse is the best pick, however if you are after a right handed large vertical ergonomic mouse that is both great to use and of excellent quality, then our recommendation is the HE Mouse.



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