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The Easy Standing Desk is the perfect solution to transforming your existing desk into a standing desk. It features a height and angle adjustable stand for your computer and another one for your keyboard and mouse. With just a few quick adjustments you can set your computer up at the correct heights for standing. Once you get over standing, you can quickly and easily return to your seated position by adjusting the stands down or completely removing them. This is one of the unique selling points of the Easy Standing Desk - It's quick and easy!

As mentioned the Easy Standing Desk comes with 2 height and angle adjustable stands. They use a locking and rotating joint mechanism to allow for individual adjustment of the legs angles and there by height of the stands. Whilst it does take a bit of time initially to determine your best working heights and angles, once you have this determined, you can quickly adjust the stands to these angles using the measurements on each joint. One of the stands comes with an adjustable mouse tray which is lined with a soft fabric. This helps to make using your mouse more comfortable as you can adjust it to be slightly lower then the keyboard. The other great selling point about the Easy Standing Desk is its price. At just $199.95, the Easy Standing Desk present excellent value when compared to expensive standing desks which can retail between $600 - $2000. At present, it is the cheapest standing desk alternative on the market. 

But what about the cons to the Easy Standing Desk? There has to be some things we don't like about it. Although it is very strong and stable, when adjusted to maximum height (~40cm) and loaded with a heavy LCD monitor, it can become slightly unstable. At lower heights, this does not appear to be a problem though. Another thing we don't like about the Easy Standing Desk is that once you choose to return to a seated position, you have to adjust the stands down in height. Once the stands are back to their lowest heights the monitor stand functions as a monitor riser which is quite ergonomic, but the keyboard / mouse stand becomes pointless and needs to be removed from the workstation. Luckily it adjust down to a very slim flat pack shape which makes storing it very easy - on top of the filing cabinet / draws, underneath your desk, against the wall etc.

There's a lot to like about the Easy Standing Desk, and the few cons associated with it are not overly that bad. Overall it provides a great solution to standing and is a very ergonomic and functional product. If you are considering a standing desk but want to trial standing before spending lots of money on a standing desk or simply just want a cheaper solution to standing, then the Easy Standing Desk is a smart buy.

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