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The Jesper Standing WorkPad Desk is designed to be the perfect solution for anyone who wants to stand up and work, but doesn't want to invest in an expensive height adjustable desk. It's the standing desk solution for those who want something functional, sturdy and built to last but without the $1000 price tag. In our opinion it sits perfectly between the Easy Standing Desk and our Height Adjustable Desks.

There's no doubt that the Jesper Standing WorkPad Desk was designed with ergonomics in mind. It's height adjustments allow it to be easily adjusted between 72cm and 102 cm (measured from floor to the top of the table). A standard height desk is approximatly 70 - 72cm, so this means the Jesper Standing WorkPad desk will function as a normal height desk at it's lowest setting. It can be adjusted and set at any height between 72cm and 102cm, meaning it is ideal for users of varying heights (will suit anyone between 150cm to 200cm). With the addition of a laptop stand and an external keyboard and mouse, users should easily be able to set the WorkPad to a height that promotes the right working postures for your arms, wrists, elbows and as well as your neck.

The Jesper Standing WorkPad Desk is very functional in its design. With its 4 castors, it is very mobile, meaning it can be easily moved around the office or your home (would be great for hot desking, hospitals, universities or libraries) The flat and wide design of the feet / base of the WorkPad also mean it can slide under the base of a couch and also ensures you don't trip over them when walking around the desk. The base of the WorkPad is approximately 66cms wide and 51cms deep. Two of the four castors are lockable, making it steady and sturdy when using it in a fixed position.

The table top on the Jesper Standing WorkPad Desk is smaller then a traditional desk, however ample enough to accommodate the basic computer equipment - laptop / monitor, keyboard and mouse. The table top is 61cm wide and 45cm deep. Due to the limited table top size, it is better suited to users of laptops. The aluminum frame of the WorkPad has a support column in the middle, to which the adjustable part of the desk top attaches to. There is a gas lift mechanism on the front which produces the height adjustments. At the back of the WorkPad are three arms, including a lower pair which connect from the support column to the bottom of frame.  This design probably sound very complex but to be honest it is quite simple and mostly pleasant to the eye. To adjust the height of the desktop the user simply releases a lever on the underside of the desk top. The user is then able to choose their desired working height. Adjusting the height is very smooth in motion due to the gas lift function and this means there is minimal risk of things falling off the desktop during the adjustments.

In our opinion the Jesper Standing WorkPad Desk really is a high quality mobile standing desk and will definitely appeal to some individuals. It's build quality is great and it offers some very practical functional features. If you are considering investing in a standing desk solution, then the Jesper Standing WorkPad Desk may be the right one for you.

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