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A lot of our customers tell us that they would like to stand more in their work day. Not that they want to stand up all day, but just that they would like the option to. To be able to stand up and work on a task for an hour, but then sit down and work for another hour. That flexibility to change postures regularly and reap some of the many health benefits that come from standing up at work. When we asked our customers what they wanted in a product that would allow them to do all of the above, they told us it needed to be:

  • Affordable - "the cheaper the better"
  • Easy - "to assemble or remove from the desk"
  • Light weight - "nothing too heavy"
  • Spacious - "enough to accommodate the laptop, mouse and maybe some documents"
  • Sturdy - "can't be wobbly, I want to be able to lean on it at times"

Tasked with all of this feedback, we set out to source a product that would meet and hopefully exceed our customers expectations and this is when we found the HM Laptop Standing Desk. The HM stands for Human Movement, as the product promotes more human movements then sitting does. It functions as a table top product that transforms an office desk into a standing desk for a laptop.

The HM Standing Laptop Desk comes in a flat box and is quickly assembled by extending the legs. Once assembled and it can be positioned on your office desk where it will provide a platform for your laptop and your mouse. The desk raises your computer mouse by 28cm and raises your laptop by 28 - 40cm. It features an angle and height adjustable laptop platform which will allow you to stand at your desk and work on your laptop. Most office desks are around 70cm in height. This means once you place the HM Laptop Standing Desk on your office desk it will raise your mouse up to 98cm (floor to surface of mouse platform). The base of your laptop monitor will be between 98 - 110cm in height which will mean if your laptop screen is 22cm in height the top of your laptop screen will be at 132cm.

The Positives

There is lots to like about the HM Laptop Standing Desk - it's an affordable option for those who want to stand and it is functional enough to easily change between sitting and standing. We particularly like the sturdiness of the product. It's strong MDF and aluminum structure can easily accommodate your laptop, computer mouse, cup of coffee and some paperwork and best of all you can lean on it and it feels stable.

The Negatives

Like every standing desk solutions, there are some negatives. We don't like the fact that the height of the overall desk is not adjustable (unless you put a book underneath the legs). It'd be great if the height of the desk could be adjusted up for those who are a little taller. The angle adjustable laptop platform is great, however with time your wrist can become a bit tired due to the working postures. For this reason it's good to alternate between sitting and standing regularly.

The Verdict

The HM Laptop Standing Desk really is a great product to convert your existing desk into a standing desk. It's cheap, easy and very functional to use. Although we like it a lot, it might not be the right solution for everyone. We think it is best suited to those who are not quite ready to stand up all day or those who just want the flexibility to stand and work for a little bit and then sit down and work for a bit. It's great for this sort of routine. If the HM Laptop Standing Desk is not the right solution for you, check out our range of other Standing Desk solutions.

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