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Our video review and unboxing of the Wowpen Joy Vertical Ergonomic Mouse. A great entry level ergonomic mouse for small to medium sized hands. Learn about how the wowpen joy vertical ergonomic mouse works and its features.


This is the Wowpen Joy Ergonomic Mouse and this is our video review of it. The wowpen joy Ergonomic Mouse is a great entry level ergonomic mouse that represents great value for money. It is available in both a wired and wireless version. So let’s open it up and have a look at it. The design of this mouse looks a little bit like a shark fin. It sits at about a 50 - 60 degree angle to the left. This angle helps make it feel quite natural and comfortable to hold. It is a short mouse, so it is not really suitable for users with larger hands.
As you can see on my hand, my fingers go past the buttons, so a longer mouse would be more appropriate.  
Like many of our other ergonomic mice, the wowpen joy features the moulded thumb rest which helps to reduce the amount of force required by your thumb to grip the mouse.
There are 5 buttons - left and right click buttons, backwards and forwards navigation buttons for web browsing and the scroll wheel. This mouse features a built in rechargeable battery, which means no changing batteries every few months. using the USB charging cord, you simply plug the mouse into your computer and charge over night and then you’ll have a bout 2-3 months worth of battery life with moderate use. Underneath the mouse there is an on and off button to conserve battery but like many of our mice it also features an auto power off and on function to help save battery should you forget to switch it off yourself.

We would recommend the wowpen joy ergonomic mouse for anyone with a small to medium sized hand who experiences wrist, hand, forearm or shoulder pain. Thanks for watching.

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