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Today we filmed this short video review and unboxing of the Minicute EZ 3 ergonomic mouse. This mouse is great for individuals with a large hand and in this video we explain why. Feel free to contact us should you still have any other questions about the Minicute EZ 3 ergonomic mouse.


This is the Minicute EZ 3 Ergonomic Mouse and this is our video review of it. So let’s open it up and have a look at it.

The EZ 3 mouse is the big brother of the EZ 2 mouse. As you can see in comparison, the EZ 3 is bigger. It is taller and wider, but is the same length.  The EZ 3 mouse is really suited to individuals with a large hand who want a very chunky mouse. Because of its design, your fingers remain very straight when using the mouse.

It also features the lip at the base that helps prevent your hand from rubbing on the desk surface. The quality of this mouse is very good, minicute are well known for producing good quality ergonomic mice.
Like many of our other ergonomic mice, the EZ 3 features the moulded thumb rest which helps to reduce the amount of force required by your thumb to grip the mouse.

There are 5 buttons - left and right click buttons, backwards and forwards navigation buttons for web browsing and the scroll wheel. Underneath the mouse you will find the on and off button as well as the adjustable DPI button. Adjusting the DPI on the mouse essentially allows you to control how sensitive the movements of the cursor are when you move the mouse.

There is also the battery compartment where you will find the wireless USB receiver for the mouse. The mouse takes AA batteries and these will last between 2 - 3 months with regular use.

We would recommend the minicute EZ 3 ergonomic mouse for anyone with a large sized hand who experiences wrist, hand, forearm or shoulder pain. Thanks for watching.

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