How to Create a Cheap DIY Standing Desk

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Sitting for long hours is not good for your health. No matter how physically active you are outside of work, the amount of time you spend sitting is still causing your body damage.

One of the best solutions to reducing your sitting time is to use a standing desk. But with the cost of standing desk ranging from $150 through $2000, you may want to consider building a make shift one first before splurging on a professional one.

Here are some of the things you need to consider in making your own cheap DIY standing desk:

Materials Needed

You’re going to need something sturdy to place your computer monitor on. This will need to be at least 30 - 40cm in height. Items such as small side tables or childrens desk are usually perfect for this. Ikea sells a small side table for around $10 (AUD) which has been featured lots in DIY standing desks photos on instagram and pinterest.

You’ll also need something to place your keyboard and mouse on. This item will need to be a little bit smaller then the monitor stand or else you’ll be working quite awkwardly for your arms and hands. We recommend using a single stand from the Easy Standing Desk. It’s quite cheap at $89.95 ($81 if you use the coupon code “I’MNEW” to get 10% off) and is great for holding your keyboard and mouse. We like it because you can adjust the height of the stand to suit your requirements.

Measurement of the Standing Desk

You need to also consider the measurement of the standing desk. You need to measure the desk height from the standing height of the keyboard. This is just to make sure that even if you are standing, you will be obtaining the comfort and ease while working with your computer. Make sure that the standing desk you will have to create will be adjusted at its desired height.

Ergonomic Design

It is important to create a DIY standing desk that promotes good ergonomics and is suitable to your computer equipment and work demands. Make sure that it is easy to setup and pack down as you won’t want to waste too much time every time you change between sitting and standing. It should also sturdy and strong as you don’t want anything falling off and breaking.

These are just some of the things that you should consider if you want to create your own DIY standing desk.
Check out these cool photos we found on pinterest and instagram of people who have created their own DIY standing desks.


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