If you are an Apple Mac computer user and you're on the search for ergonomic equipment, it is important to ensure that it is going to be compatible. We've written a brief summary of the most popular products that are compatible with Apple Mac computers. 

Ergonomic Mice

1. ErgoFeel Vertical Ergonomic Mouse

The ErgoFeel is the most popular vertical mouse of our range.  We've made this our number 1 due to the overwhelming great reviews from our customers, the array of options: both wired and wireless versions as well as right and left handed versions as well as the affordability.

2. Evoluent VMR4 for Mac OS

The Evoluent VMR4 for Mac OS comes with the Mac white profile, programmable buttons and bluetooth connection.  It's great for the user who likes extra features and ergonomic positioning, however does come with the price.  Still a great option for the Mac lover!

Evoluent VMR4 for Mac OS
$295.00 AUD

3. Ergo Comfi Vertical Ergonomic Mouse

The Ergo Comfi is our little pocket rocket of a mouse - specifically designed for small hands - it comes in a wireless version (USB receiver) and is available in both left and right handed versions.  

Small Ergonomic Mouse
$80.00 AUD

Ergonomic Keyboards

1. Mini Compact Ergonomic Keyboard

The Mini Compact Ergonomic Keyboard ticks all the ergonomic boxes; flat, low profile, scissor lift keys, and compact in design.  It is also available in either wired, wireless (USB receiver) and bluetooth - so suitable for any kind of computer setup.

Compact Ergonomic Keyboard small wireless
$80.00 AUD

2. Ease Compact Ergonomic Keyboard

The Ease Compact Ergonomic Keyboard is also a low-profile and compact keyboard that also includes a number pad for easy data entry.  It's flat design and a multitude of function keys make this a great keyboard for those who work with typing for long periods each day.

Ease Compact Ergonomic Keyboard
$85.00 AUD

3. The Portable, Folding Ergonomic Keyboard Collection

This collection of folding keyboards are compact, flat and fold to be perfect for the travelling worker.  They use a bluetooth connection and can connect to tablets, laptops and computers.  Each have unique features, such as a trackpad or an angled keyboard to suit everyone.

Let us know what you think of our list and please feel free to send us any questions or ideas to the team at: 

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