Endeavour 103 PU Leather Chair
$450.00 AUD

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  • PU Leather Material - Suitable for healthcare, aged care or education settings

  • Available with or without Arm Rests

  • 7 Year Warranty - Quality that will last

Sit Stand Desk Height Adjustable

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endeavour 103 PU office chair for lower back pain

Ergonomically Designed

For Your Comfort

Spending up to 8 hours each day sitting down can lead to discomfort such as lower back pain or neck pain. If you're reading this, I'm sure you can relate to this. How is it that our couch is oh so comfortable, yet our office chair is literally a pain in the back?  

The Endeavour 103 Ergonomic Chair is our BEST ergonomic office chair. You don't have to spend an arm and a leg to get a good ergonomic chair. See, the Endeavour 103 Ergonomic Chair was designed to make sitting a more comfortable and painless experience. It features advances in ergonomic design including the triple-band lumbar support.

Triple Band

Lumbar Support

The triple-band lumbar support provides enhanced lumbar support and comfort for the user. Three bands of firmer material are positioned horizontally on the back rest, making for a more natural level of support against your lower back. It's hard to explain, but easy to notice once you take a seat in the Endeavour 103 chair. And best of all, this feature can help to reduce back pain and make sitting for long periods of time more comfortable. 

If you are experiencing discomfort from sitting on your chair, it is time to upgrade. After swapping your old chair for the Endeavour 103 Ergonomic Chair, you will feel immediate comfort. No more aching pain in your lower back or discomfort in your bottom from an old and unsupported chair. A good ergonomic chair, like the Endeavour 103 Ergonomic Chair, fixes all of these problems. You won't finish the day in pain but instead find yourself being able to sit for longer periods without any discomfort. 

Best ergonomic office chairs for comfort pain


That Will Last

Cheaper office chairs that do not hold the AFRDI Level 6 Rating are not built to last the test of time. They simply can't because of the cheaper quality materials used. That's why our Endeavour 103 chair comes with a whopping 7-year warranty! That's right - this chair will last you at least 7 years, possibly more. And this is why it pays to spend that little bit extra now rather than repeatedly buy inferior chairs every 2 years.

AFRDI Level 6 weight rated office chairs

Level 6 + Weight Loaded

The Endeavour 103 Ergonomic Office Chair has been awarded the AFRDI Level 6 rating. You're forgiven for not knowing what this means. Essentially, it means it has been tested and certified to be of the highest standard for prolonged use in a commercial setting. Cheaper chairs from large office supply stores do not meet this rating and this is why they are much cheaper.... and of poorer quality.


  • 4-Lever Mechanism Adjustment

  • Height Adjustment

  • Back Tilt Adjustment

  • Manual Back Height Adjustment

  • Seat Pan Depth Slide

  • Seat Pan Angle Adjustment


  • Seat Height: 46 - 59 cm

  • Seat Width: 51 cm
  • Seat Depth: 47 cm

  • Back Height: 55 cm

  • Back Width: 46 cm


  • PU Leather

  • Upholstered and Assembled Locally in Australia

  • Anti-bacterial Foam
  • Assembly required

  • AFRDI Level 6

  • Weighted to 160kg (AFRDI Load Rated)



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