Compact Dual Monitor Standing Desk

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    Compact Dual Monitor Standing Desk

    • Our Best Selling Manual Standing Desk
    • Features a gas assisted lifting mechanism to help make adjusting the desk easy
    • Accommodates two computer monitors
    • 3 Year Warranty - Quality that will last!

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    dual monitor standing desk


    Are you looking for a standing desk that can accommodate two monitors, is easy to adjust in height and won't cost you over $500?

    Our Compact Dual Monitor Standing Desk was developed to address each of these concerns. It is wide enough to fit two monitors, side by side, but compact and light enough to make adjusting its height very easy. Furthermore, it is incredibly affordable. In fact, it is almost $200 cheaper than other well known standing desks in Australia. 

    The Compact Dual Monitor Standing Desk makes using a computer a more comfortable experience. It has been designed based upon specific feedback from the Australian market:

    • Compact Design: Many standing desks in the Australian marketplace are very large and take up too much space. The Compact Dual Monitor Standing Desk has been designed with a compact profile - smaller depth, but still wide enough to accomodate two computer monitors.


    • Easy to Adjust: There's no point getting a standing desk if it is too heavy to adjust its height. The Compact Dual Monitor Standing Desk has been designed with a scissor lift mechanism that makes adjusting the height of the desk far easier than other popular standing desks that require you to push and pull the desk. All standing desks require some manual handling in order to adjust the height, however the Compact Dual Monitor Standing Desk has been designed to minimise the amount of manual handling required. The scissor lift mechanism helps use the weight of the monitors with the addition of the gas lift piston to make adjusting the height of the desk far more easier then many other popular standing desks.


    • Affordable Price: The Compact Dual Monitor Standing Desk is one the most affordable standing desk in Australia and represents excellent value for money when considering its quality materials, ergonomic design and 3 year warranty. You'll save several hundreds of dollars when you compare the cost of the Compact Dual Monitor Standing Desk with other popular standing desks. 


    • Sturdy: When you select a quality sit-stand workstation, the first thing you want to know is whether the workstation is sturdy enough. Unfortunately, many sit-stand workstations start shaking as soon as you touch the work surface. Other sturdy workstations aren't perfect either. They usually incorporate large base which squeezes your limited work space. The Compact Dual Monitor Standing Desk is confident of maintaining stability while typing, adjusting its height and writing on the desktop. A stable sit-stand workstation and clutter-free work space can truly optimize productivity.


    At its lowest setting, the monitor platform is just 10cm in height, making it one of the lowest profile dual monitor ergonomic standing desk on the Australian Market. Better yet, the keyboard and mouse tray sits flush on your desk surface, meaning no awkward reaching up to access your keyboard and mouse when you want to sit at your standing desk. It features 22 height adjustments making it perfect to find the right height for every user.

    It allow users to easily go between sitting and standing whilst using their computer. Furthermore, due to its ergonomic design it promotes correct working postures when standing. Using the Compact Dual Monitor Standing Desk will help you to minimize the amount of time you spend sitting each day and maximise the amount of time you spend standing. With its single handle design, it easily adjust your entire workstation from a seated position to a standing position. Just squeeze the handle and you can raise and lower your Dual Monitor Standing Desk in seconds.

      By simply changing the way you work through the Compact Dual Monitor Standing Desk, you will notice a positive change in how you feel both physically and mentally. The Compact Dual Monitor Standing Desk is extremely comfortable to use and easy to adjust up or down. 

      It's height adjustable so that every user can find their perfect working position. Pick a height between 10-50cm off your desk. Type and click without the worry – your Compact Dual Monitor Standing Desk Converter will stay steady and stable no matter what. No bolts, clips or clamps required.

      Money Back Guarantee - No Risk

      Switching to the Compact Dual Monitor Standing Desk you will instantly notice a difference. Don't believe us? Try it for yourself and see. In fact, we are so confident in this standing desk and all our products that we back them by Our 30 Day Money Back Guarantee. Our Guarantee covers you for up to 30 days, so if you try the Compact Dual Monitor Standing Desk and it doesn't solve your aches and pains, simply send it back to us and we will give you a full refund or work with you to find another standing desk that will. We pride ourselves on helping each and every customer to find the right ergonomic solution to their problem.

      Supported by Customer Reviews

      Read the many reviews by our customers of their experience with this standing desk - click the reviews tab at the top of this page. 

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        Top Surface for Monitors

        Width: 95cm
        Depth: 40cm
        Height (lowest position): 10cm
        Height (highest position): 50cm

        Keyboard Tray Surface

        Width: 94.5cm
        Depth: 30cm
        Height (lowest position): 2cm
        Height (highest position): 42cm

        Weight Capacity: 15KG 

        Compact Dual Monitor Ergonomic Standing Desk


        • Single handle ergonomic design
        • Adjustable in height between 10-50cm
        • Ergonomic scissor lift mechanism makes adjusting the desk up and down a breeze
        • Desk requires minor assembly - Keyboard tray requires 4 x Screws (pre-drilled holes) to attach to base unit. This can be done in a few minutes with the use of a phillips head screw driver


          3 Year Warranty

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          • What is the monitor arm?

            Hi Jasmin! The Standing Desk Monitor Arm is compatible with Compact Dual Monitor Standing Desk.

          • how heavy is this to lift?

            The Compact Dual Monitor Standing Desk is approximately 20kg in weight.

            Thanks for your question!

          • how much does the compact standing desk weigh?

            The Compact Dual Monitor Standing Desk weighs approximately 15kg.

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