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Roland Czechowski


Roland Czechowski

What problem/pain where you experiencing?   

My job in sales requires a lot of driving and then a lot of computer work, so end result is a lot of sitting! I do balance that a lot with plenty of exercise such as yoga, running, surfing so other than some older niggling injuries I don't have any serious chronic this moment anyway.

However I have been reading a lot about the negatives of too much sitting and what it does for your posture and weakens your core while standing makes your body automatically fire properly.

As I am constantly trying to dial my body and health in (I am 40 and still surf, snowboard and skateboard so need to be!) I thought that at least when I am on the computer in the office I want to make it as positive for my body as I can.

What product/s did you purchase and try?

So I googled standing desks and found the easy standing desk. I bought two as I plan to get an ergonomic keyboard and a screen and connect the laptop from behind but currently only use one as I am between two places and so just using my laptop.

The easy standing desk was very easy to adjust to the right height and I already had a work mat to stand on, basically one of the square sections from the perforated mat flooring you lock square sections of together to make your desired size.

What was the outcome?

Within a couple hours of standing while I typed I noticed:
I was not as tired as I normally feel when sitting while working on the computer, which is counter-intuitive, but sitting I noticed makes me slouch and puts your body, and then your mind, into too much of a relaxed state.

As a result I was also much more productive as I felt like I had more energy while working (again counter intuitive) and much more alert and focused. Also being standing already it was much easier to remember to walk around when on phone calls (something I was trying to do when sitting).
Goes without saying too that standing burns more calories than sitting as well, so a big side benefit there as well.

Any additional advice or recommendations?

So all in all I just FEEL much better when standing more when I am working! Its not a hard and fast rule and I sit when having a break or lunch and again it will be different for everyone. Being relatively fit and in shape I can probably stand for longer than someone who is not as I don't have any serious joint issues or tendinopathies like a plantar fasciitis or additional weight that might make standing harder on joints. So I think you need to listen to your body and if a pain starts to occur that is above the ordinary from just standing then you may need to do it intermittently and work your way up with it. Hope this helps

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