ClickCease Elevar Maxi-Electric X Sit Stand Desk - No More Pain Ergonomics
Elevar Maxi-Electric X Sit Stand Desk
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  • Our tallest standing desk at 57.5cm high

  • Optional Monitor Arms

  • Full Electric Adjustment

  • Backed by Our 30 day Money Back Guarantee - No Risk

Sit Stand Desk Height Adjustable

Work Sitting, Work Standing

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elevar maxi shift X electric sit stand desk

Ergonomically Designed

For Your Comfort

The Elevar MaxiShift-X Sit Stand Desk is a versatile height adjustable sit to stand desk that can be placed on your existing desk. Dual screens can be placed at the right distance thanks to the generous platform and adjustable keyboard tray. 

MaxiShift-X suits any desk top thanks to its straight up and down design with virtually no pinch points. There is no pushing or pulling of the desk and all the heavy monitors on it. Adjusting the height is easy and simple. Screens can be placed at the perfect distance thanks to the generous platform and adjustable keyboard tray. Any monitor arm from the Elevar range can also be attached for extra versatility.

Don't Put Up with the Pain

Change the Way You Work

The Elevar MaxiShift-X can accommodate up to 25kg in weight, making it one of the highest loading capacity standing desk in Australia. Most other standing desks can only accommodate 15kg.

Another unique feature of the MaxiShift-X is that the keyboard tray is adjustable. This means you can adjust the keyboard tray forward or back by 85mm. Position your keyboard closer to your computer monitors or move it further back. The option is yours.   

With the MaxiShift-X you can adjust the height of your desk at the press of a button. There is no manual handling required to lift the desk up in height, simply press the up or down button and the electric motor will do all the work for you.

Elevar Maxi Shift X Electric Standing Desk

Feel The Difference

Experience Comfort Again

Using the MaxiShift-X Standing Desk will help you to minimize the amount of time you spend sitting each day and maximise the amount of time you spend standing. With its single handle design, it easily adjust your entire workstation from a seated position to a standing position. Just squeeze the handle and you can raise and lower your MaxiShift-X Standing Desk in seconds. By increasing your standing time and decreasing your sitting time, you will immediately notice a range of health benefits including:  

  • Improved comfort when using a computer

  • Reduced aches and pains (neck, back, shoulders, arms and buttocks)

  • Reduced sensation of fatigue and lethargy

  • Reduced risk of cardiovascular and metabolic diseases

By simply changing the way you work through the MaxiShift-X Standing Desk, you will notice a positive change in how you feel both physically and mentally. The Elevar MaxiShift-X is extremely comfortable to use and easy to adjust up or down. It's height adjustable so that every user can find their perfect working position. Pick a height between 16 - 57.5cm off your desk. Type and click without the worry – your MaxiShift-X Standing Desk will stay steady and stable no matter what. No bolts, clips or clamps required.

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  • Electric Height Adjustable

  • Adjustable in height between 16cm - 57.5cm

  • Available in Black frame with Black Surface or White frame with White surface. Please note if you are ordering the optional monitor arm, the monitor arms are black in colour.


Top Surface for Monitors

  • Width: 90cm

  • Depth: 53cm
  • Height (in lowest position): 16 cm

  • Height (in highest position): 57.5cm

Keyboard Tray Surface

  • Width: 68cm

  • Depth: 26.5cm
  • Height (in lowest position): 2 cm

  • Height (in highest position): 43.7cm

Weight Capacity: 20KG



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  • Are the actual feet or legs of the Elevar Maxi-Electric X Sit Stand Desk the same width as the monitor tray i.e. 90cms? Do they comfortably straddle most inbuilt keyboard trays which are generally 75cms wide?

    Are the actual feet or legs of the Elevar Maxi-Electric X Sit Stand Desk the same width as the monitor tray i.e. 90cms? The feet sit at the same width as the top of the Maxishift Electric (90cm). Do they comfortably straddle most in-built keyboard trays which are generally 75cms wide? Yes they do.

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