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Are you experiencing pain in the neck while working at your desk?  There are many factors that can contribute to this pain that is preventable and fixable.  We're here to discuss what ways you can change your workstation to optimise the posture of your neck and relieve neck pain.

Did you know that the average human head weighs almost 5.4 kilograms — the equivalent of a bowling ball! Also, more than 20 muscles are connected in the neck. These muscles work together to help support the head’s upright position and facilitate movements of the head, neck, jaw, upper back, and shoulders.  When your neck is bent to 45 degrees, your head exerts nearly 23 kilograms of force on your neck. In addition to straining joints and muscles in your neck and shoulders, the pressure affects your breathing and mood.

To alleviate this stress, redesign your workspace to encourage well-aligned posture.

Check Your Workstation

Is your monitor positioned so that you can see it well without straining?

  • Raise or lower the monitor or your chair so your eyes are level with the top of the screen. If you wear bifocals, you may need to lower the monitor another 1 to 2 inches.
  • Ensure the screen is an arm length away from your eyes.
  • If using dual monitors, place one directly in front of you and use common programs that you frequently use on this screen and use Alt/Command+Tab shortcut key to switch between programs.  Place any non-frequently used programs on the second screen so you are not consistently twisting your neck.
  • Increase the font size you use if you find yourself shifting forward to read the screen.
  • If using a laptop, link to a larger monitor.

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Do you keep frequently used tools within close range to minimize reaching?

  • Keep your mouse nearby, and regularly change it from one side of your body to the other.
  • Use a headset if you talk on the phone frequently.
  • If you haven't learnt to touch type - try to practice and learn so you won't have to keep looking down at your keys to type.
  • Use a document holder so that you don't have to look down frequently.

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If your chair has armrests, do they allow your shoulders to relax?

Consider lowering or getting rid of the armrests so that your neck and shoulders can relax downward.

Use Body Awareness To Remind Your Neck Where It's Meant To Stay

Using an ergonomic chair with a neck support gives your body the reminder to rest the neck back to the optimal postural position while working. Having this physical body awareness can create a habit of good neck posture for long work days.

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More Tips

Try these suggestions for creating a work environment that supports good health and posture.

  • Set a timer and get up every 30 minutes. Take a walking meeting, stand or exercise during a conference call, or hand-deliver a message when you would normally email it.
  • Ask a colleague to take a picture of you at your workstation and check to see if it supports well-aligned posture (eyes looking straight, neck not bent, forearms parallel to the floor, low back in its natural curve). If not, talk to your human resources contact for help if needed.
  • Follow the 20/20/20 rule. Every 20 minutes, give your eyes a 20-second break by focusing on something at least 20 feet away.
  • Create a sit-standing workstation!  This allows for spine mobility and movement throughout the work day.

Neck and Shoulder Stretches

Follow the below link for 4 effective neck stretches to perform throughout your work day to ease neck stiffness.

Need More Information?

If you have any more questions about ways to relieve neck pain and ergonomic products that could support your comfort and productivity, please feel free to contact our expert team on:, or phone 1300 898 965.

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