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Ergonomic Mouse for Wrist & Hand Pain

Here in Australia, the way we use our computer significantly impacts on our level of comfort. In this time of age in Australia, it is not uncommon to spend in excess of 8 hours each day working on a computer. And if that wasn't enough, we often use a computer or mobile device after we finish work as well. The repetitive movements and sometimes static postures can take their toll on your wrists, fingers, forearms, elbows and shoulders.

What is an Ergonomic Mouse?

An ergonomic mouse is a category of computer mouse that have been specifically designed to reduce muscle strain and improve user comfort (while using the mouse). For example, an ergonomic vertical mouse can achieve this by changing the posture of the user’s hand, wrist, fingers and forearm when using the mouse. An ergonomic mouse is far more superior than a regular mouse when it comes to comfort levels.

An ergonomic mouse can help to relieve pain and discomfort from the above conditions. Discover how an ergonomic mouse such as vertical ergonomic mouse can change the way you work.

An Ergonomic Mouse is the best:

  • Mouse for wrist pain

  • Mouse for carpal tunnel syndrome

  • Mouse for RSI

Why switch to an Ergonomic Mouse?

  • Improved comfort

  • Reduced aches and pains

  • Reduced risk of developing RSI symptoms

Ergo Comfi Vertical Ergonomic Mouse for RSI
Delux Vertical Ergonomic Mouse from No More Pain Ergonomics
Vertical Ergonomic Mouse for wrist pain

Vertical Ergonomic Mouse

A vertical ergonomic mouse is designed to place your hand into a more neutral posture. The vertical mouse design helps to reduce the amount of muscle activation required to grip and operate your computer mouse, which in turn helps to ease those aches and pains you get in your hands, wrist and forearm. A vertical mouse can vary in their designs and the degree of vertical-ness. We stock a range of vertical wireless mice at our warehouse in Australia that vary in both their shapes, dimensions, connections and angle.

How does a vertical ergonomic mouse work?

An ergonomic vertical mouse will change the position of your hand and help to relieve the aches and pains associated with extended use of a computer mouse.

Typically, this change in posture is to one of a more natural posture that people often report as “more comfortable” than the hand position used for a traditional mouse. If you are experiencing aches and pains in your wrist, hands, forearm, elbows or shoulders, you may find that by simply changing the position of your hand (to more a handshake position) can help to reduce or even eliminate it.

Holding an ergonomic computer mouse
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