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Delux Mini Vertical Ergonomic Mouse
Delux Mini Vertical Ergonomic MouseDelux Mini Vertical Ergonomic MouseDelux Mini Vertical Ergonomic MouseDelux Mini Vertical Ergonomic MouseDelux Mini Vertical Ergonomic MouseDelux Mini Vertical Ergonomic MouseDelux Mini Vertical Ergonomic MouseDelux Mini Vertical Ergonomic MouseDelux Mini Vertical Ergonomic Mouse

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  • Dual Connection - USB Wireless or Bluetooth

  • Eliminate your Wrist and Hand Pain

  • Improve your Comfort and Productivity

  • Backed by Our 30 day Money Back Guarantee - No Risk

30 Day Money Back Guarantee

All products can be returned to us within 30 days of purchase for either an exchange or full refund of the product price.
Hand size ergonomic mouse

Suitable for 

Small Hand Size

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  • Ergonomically Designed

  • Suitable for Small Hand Sizes

  • Right Hand Use Only

  • Dual Connection - Wireless Connection via USB Receiver or Bluetooth

  • Soft, quiet left and right buttons


This mouse is suitable for small hand size users.

  • Width: 8.9cm

  • Length: 10.3cm
  • Height: 6.9cm


  • Bluetooth or Wireless USB receiver - simply plug into your computer, no driver download required

  • Compatible with Mac OS, Windows 2000, 2003, XP, Vista, 7/8/10 Operating Systems
  • Right handed use only




1 Year Warranty - Full Replacement - If this mouse becomes faulty or dies within the first 12 months, we will replace it in full for you.


This product is suitable for:

  • A user who wants to prevent or rehabilitate from wrist and forearm pain while using a traditional mouse

  • A user with a small hand size

  • A user who is looking for a basic, solid mouse and does not require any advanced features

Delux Mini Vertical Ergonomic Mouse

Ergonomically Designed

For Your Comfort

The Delux Mini Vertical Ergonomic Mouse is the small brother of our popular Delux Mouse. It is ergonomically designed to help solve those aches and pains you are experiencing. With its smaller size and vertical design, it is made to fit comfortably within your hand. Furthermore it helps to reduce the amount of gripping required by your hand muscles and promotes a more neutral wrist alignment. All of these changes help to reduce the tension/pain within your wrist and forearm muscles.

Don't Put Up with the Pain

Change the Way You Work

The Delux Mini Vertical Mouse is extremely comfortable and relaxing to use. You will notice the difference immediately and within just a few days, your wrist and hand pain will be all but gone. Don't believe us? Try it out and see for yourself. We are so confident in our products and their benefits that we back them with Our 30 Day Money Back Guarantee. There's no risk.

Delux vertical Mouse

Feel The Difference

Experience Comfort Again

The Delux Mini Vertical Ergonomic Mouse features a vertical design, two short-cut buttons (non-programmable), a scroll wheel, and is specifically customized to promote the most comfortable upper limb biomechanics for operating a computer mouse. Unlike any of our other ergonomic mice, it features a dual connection, meaning you can connect and use the mouse either by bluetooth or by the wireless USB receiver. The choice is yours. 

Another great feature of this ergonomic mouse is the ability to scroll up/down or left/right on a web page or excel/word document without having to repetitively scroll the scroll wheel. Simply click the scroll wheel button and then move the mouse around and you can automatically scroll up/down or left/right. This feature is ideal for anyone who spends a lot of time scrolling through documents and finds using the scroll wheel aggravates their symptoms. 

The Delux Vertical Ergonomic Mouse is made with a very smooth, soft touch finish and sculpted thumb mold to reduce over activation of the thumb.Enjoy the flexibility of a built in re-chargeable battery. Simply charge the mouse overnight using the included micro USB cord and enjoy months of battery power without having to replace any batteries.    

Money Back Guarantee

Our Guarantee

Risk Free Trial

All of our products are hand selected for their ability to help you solve your aches and pains. As experts in our field, we know exactly what will work and what won't work and we're committed to ensuring each and every one of our customers is pain free after they engage with us. If this product doesn't help solve your aches and pains, we will work with you to either exchange it for another product or return it for a refund.

Need Help Choosing?

Compare our Range of Ergonomic Computer Mice

With so many different options to choose from, we understand that finding the right ergonomic mouse for your hand size and symptoms can take quite a bit of research. To help guide you through your decision making, we've prepared some information to help you understand the differences in each of our ergonomic mice.

For Health Professionals

Key Information for Reports


  • Patient has pain or discomfort in right hand, wrist, forearm or shoulder

  • Patients occupational duties require frequent computer use

  • Patient has a small hand size



Vertical Mouse for Small Hand Size


Delux Mini Vertical Ergonomic Mouse


- Wireless (bluetooth and USB receiver) vertical ergonomic mouse

- Runs on lithium batteries (charge cord included)

- Compatible with windows and mac operating systems

- Plug and play - no driver installation on computer required


Supplier: No More Pain Ergonomics

$100.00 AUD$75.00 AUD


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Ask a Question
  • Does this mouse work with an iPad Air 4 in bluetooth mode?


    Thank you for your interest in our products!

    The Delux Mini Vertical Ergonomic Mouse is compatible with Mac OS, Windows 2000, 2003, XP, Vista, 7/8/10 Operating Systems.

  • Hi. Just wanted to know how long does the battery life last before charging?

    The time between charges for the Delux Mini Vertical Ergonomic Mouse is dependent on usage and can vary. On average, the mouse requires recharging after a few weeks or a month.

  • how do I know when my mouse is fully charged

    Hello John 😊. A tiny blue light in front will be visible while charging. It changes color when the mouse is fully charged.

  • how do I use the DPI button? Thank You

    Hi RD! To adjust the DPI(speed and sensitivity), simply press the DPI button. It will switch from the present DPI speed to the next DPI speed. Move your mouse and observe on your screen if the DPI is setting is suitable for you. If not, just repeat the process.

  • can the de luxe vertical mouse be used by both left and right hand alternately to reduce wrist strain and pain. Obviously if it can be used just as easily and alternately by left and right hands the strain on both wrists would be reduced by 50%.

    Thank you for your question. The Delux Mini Vertical Ergonomic Mouse is designed to be used by the right hand. Check out the Oyster mouse on our website for an ambidextrous mouse. If we can help in any other way, please email us at Have a wonderful day!

  • How do you charge this mouse? Duncan

    Thank you for your interest in our products. You can charge the mouse using the supplied usb cord connected to your computer. I hope this answers your question! Let us know if we can assist with anything further - happy to help!

  • Is there a left handed version of this?

    Thanks for your question - the Delux Mini Vertical Ergonomic Mouse does not currently come in a left-handed version, although we do have another mouse suitable for small hands in our range that does come in a left-handed version, the Ergo Comfi Vertical Ergonomic Mouse.  Please have a browse, and hope this is a suitable solution for your needs!

  • How does the forward and backward buttons work? Nothing happens when I press them. Is there a way to test whether they are working?

    The forward and backward buttons are useful when you browse a lot of sites/webpages. Instead of clicking the backward or forward button of your browser you can use them instead. This will also work when you are looking through your file folders.

  • Hi, I am looking at the deluxe mini ergonomic mouse. I have very small hands and a bit of carpal tunnel syndrome, and I've only ever used a regular mouse. Would this be a good mouse for me? Also does it need any particular kind of mouse pad? Thanks!

    Hi Georgia,

    Thank you for the email and for oyur interest in our products!

    The Delux Mini Vertical Ergonomic Mouse helps to reduce the amount of gripping required by your hand muscles and promotes a more neutral wrist alignment which help to reduce the tension/pain within your wrist and forearm muscles.

    This is available in Right handed model only.

    We have a 30-day satisfaction guarantee on our products. This allows you to purchase a product, trial it for up to 30 days from the date of purchase, and if it does not benefit your needs, you may return it in exchange for another product, or for a refund of the product (not including the shipping cost) -  we just ask that the product is in its original packaging and in 'as new' condition when it is returned.

    We would also recommend that you consult a health professional to make a thorough assessment of your work schedule, work environment, work tasks, etc. before committing to any ergonomic products. 😊

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