The Step by Step Guide to Good Ergonomics

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The Step by Step Guide to Good Ergonomics


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Work Hard, Not Painfully

The average person gets their first job in their teens, working for many years before retiring at an old age. With so many hours of each day spent in an office environment, you want to make sure you are at least comfortable during that time. Many employees fail to realise the havoc sitting at a desk can wreak on their body. Here at No More Pain Ergonomics, we are firm believers in working comfortably and productively, without those aches in your wrists, arms, backs and necks.

Established in 2013, we set to work creating a product range that would help workers in many countries get work done without the pain. From ergonomic keyboards to mouse solutions and wrist support, we provide the items you need to do the job you love in the most comfortable way. With the right equipment, customers may be able to avoid the hassle and pain associated with common ailments for office workers, such as carpal tunnel, tendonitis and tennis elbow.

In order to give your employees the best, our friendly team is able to offer expert advice on how you can innovate your work space to help your staff work productively. We promise the very best products, great customer service and a fast shipping solution that will have your new work space set up sooner than you think. We offer free shipping throughout Australia and New Zealand, and can also ship our products to selected countries throughout the world.


Besides get rid of those shooting pains and dull aches, we offer you a range of perks when you purchase with us. When you are decking out your office, whether it be with new chairs, stand up desks or more, you want to be sure they’ll offer you the best results. We are so confident in our products that if you are not happy with them, we’ll give you your money back. Simply check out Returns page for details.

Our team can also give you peace of mind knowing your new items will last. Every item available on our website has at least 12 months warranty. For some products, we have provided a warranty of 10 years!

If you would like any further information on our line of products, or would like to learn more about the ailments they can help to prevent or relieve, please get in touch with us today on (07) 3103 3746 or email



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