*** FREE SHIPPING IN METRO AREAS *** When Fellowes designed the Lotus™ Sit Stand Workstation they focused on...
The Standing Anti-Fatigue Mat helps to make standing more comfortable. With its soft textile formula, it helps to reduce fatigue...
$229.95 AUD
Steppie is a balance board that helps makes standing more comfortable. Using the steppie you are able to incorporate gentle...

Buy Australia’s Best Standing Desks For Smarter Ergonomics

Stay on your feet and be ready for anything. An ergonomic stand up desk could help you feel less sluggish at the end of the day. Many people complain of feeling drained or lethargic as they leave the office, and why wouldn’t they? Sitting at a computer on an uncomfortable chair for eight hours is not how your body is meant to operate.

Many experts advise that people who buy and use standing desks can burn more calories and may have a lower metabolic risk of heart attack or diabetes. Protect your body, maintain your posture and feel more energised during the day with our help. Australians are switching to stand up desks because they recognise that apart from the long-term health benefits, they’re moving more during work and finding they have more energy to spend with friends and family after work.

Ergonomic products to make your life easier

Find out why Australians are buying ergonomic desks, mice and wrist and arm supports from us. Founded in 2013, No More Pain Ergonomics has helped thousands of Australians get the equipment and advice they need to work at their very best.

Ergonomics is how people interact with systems, and there are right and wrong ways to go about it. Many companies are forced to provide every employee with the same workspace and equipment due to budget or space restraints. Take matters into your own hands and make sure you’ve got the most comfortable workday at the company. If you’re the employer, improve morale and your employees’ health and ensure that your next office fit-out is done with No More Pain Ergonomics.

Contact us today at our Brisbane, Australia office and find out how much more productive a comfortable office is. Buy online for quick domestic and international delivery. Got a question? Call us today on +61 7 3103 3746, or send an email to info@nomorepainergonomics.com.au with your enquiry.


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