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We understand the significance of a well-designed workspace in enhancing productivity and promoting overall well-being. Our collection of standing desks are designed to blend ergonomic functionality with contemporary aesthetics. 

Whether you're seeking to alleviate discomfort associated with prolonged sitting or looking to embrace a more active and healthy work routine, our sit to stand desks offer a versatile solution.

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Ergonomic Standing Desk - Height Adjustable

In constructing an ideal ergonomic workstation, it is imperative to incorporate a standing desk that boasts adaptability, ensuring the user's ability to seamlessly transition between sitting and standing positions. The hallmark of ergonomic design lies in its capacity to accommodate diverse work preferences and postures. A well-engineered standing desk should offer a range of height adjustments, facilitating a personalized workspace that caters to the unique needs and comfort of the individual. By promoting a fluid shift between seated and standing work modes, such desks not only contribute to physical well-being by mitigating the adverse effects of prolonged sitting but also enhance productivity by allowing users to vary their positions throughout the workday. This multifaceted approach to ergonomic design exemplifies a commitment to supporting a healthier and more dynamic work environment.

What is a Standing Desk?

Standing desks are an ergonomic innovative piece of equipment in the modern office for enabling a user to both sit and stand alternatively while working at the desk.

If you’re like the majority of Australian workers, you’re spending most of your day sitting behind a computer. Unfortunately this sedentary working posture comes with a list of health problems, such as weight gain, increased risk of cardiovascular disease and reduced life expectancy. Why wasn’t this in the employment contract they made you sign?

Standing would be the obvious solution, if sitting is so bad for us. Using a standing desk is a great solution to help reduce the amount of time we spend sitting and increase our time spent standing. There are also many other health benefits to making the switch to a sit stand desk.

Prolonged sitting can place additional stress on our spine and the muscles in our back and neck (also known as sedentary behaviour). Over time this can lead to aches and pains. Simply modifying the way you work, by standing more, can actually be enough to help prevent the onset of back and neck pain or resolve it, if you are already experiencing it.

Benefits of a Standing Desk

  • Improved comfort when using a computer

  • Ability to work sitting or standing

  • Reduced lower back pain

  • Reduced perception of fatigue

  • Promote an active workspace

Our range of Standing Desks includes:

  • Table Top Standing Desk Converters

  • Full Standing Desks (Manual & Electric)

electric sit to stand desk
dual monitor standing desk
table top standing desk converter

Table Top Standing Desk Converters

Standing desk converters are panels to place your computer, keyboard, mouse and other peripherals on top of an existing office desk. The benefits of a standing desk converter is that they are flexible to be moved onto many desks without moving an entire desk.

Full Standing Desks (Manual & Electric)

A full desk standing desk is the complete desk, with the mechanics of the sit stand function embedded into the desk itself. This is a great option where there is no desk in place, and you would like a desk with the sit stand function.

Factors to Consider when buying a Standing Desk

How does it adjust in height?

Electric Sit Stand Desks are the preferred method of using a standing desk as there is no manual handling involved when adjusting the height of the standing desk. However, they do require a power point to operate and are more expensive than the manual sit stand desks.

Manual standing desks require a little effort to adjust the desk height from a sit to standing position and vice versa, either by a gas lift mechanism, or a twist lever mechanism. This is a great solution for users who are looking for a more economical solution for their workplace.

Your Work Schedule

Once you purchase a standing desk it is important to implement a routine to ensure you are using the standing desk in the most optimal way. Hedge’s 3S Ideal Work Pattern is a great example of how to use a standing desk in the most effective way.

Making the Switch

An ergonomically-friendly workstation can help to reduce the risk of discomfort, pain and injury. Evaluating the ergonomics of your workstation requires a step-by-step process. Using this self-assessment guide, you will be able to ensure your setup is ergonomically at its best, providing you with a noticeable improvement in comfort while you work.

Are you worried about back pain or tired legs from standing more often? It’s a very common concern regularly raised by customers. In our office, each of us uses the Standing Desk Mat Anti-Fatigue. The soft base provides support while working to help reduce fatigue and the domed surface has been ergonomically designed to promote circulation of both the legs and feet. It can attach to any work surface and has beveled edges for increased safety/reducing any trip hazard.

factors to consider when using a standing desk
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