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The Hedge's 3S's is an evidence-based, recommended work schedule that can be optimised when using a sit-stand desk.  

Cornell University Facility Professor, Alan Hedge, has produced extensive study outcomes that have identified and proven the benefits of a work schedule that incorporates sitting, standing and stretch when working at a desk for long periods of time.  These outcomes enabled the faculty to construct a recommended work schedule that optimises a person's ability to be active at work and ultimately provide the best opportunity for health outcomes.

Based on research studies Prof. Alan Hedge recommends: 

 - 20 minutes sitting (in a good posture) 

 - 8 minutes standing (for sit-stand workstations)

 - 2 minutes of stretching (gentle moving, walking etc.

For a 7.5 hours workday (lunch is excluded) this means a daily regimen with a total of: 

 - 5 hours of sitting

 - 2 hours of standing

 - .5 hours of stretching

 - 16 sit-to-stand transitions

These numbers allow companies to design their work expectations and work environment so employees can be more active, yet still engaged and productive with their daily work tasks. 

This sit-stand-stretch cycle is shown in the following simple diagram. 

Following this movement pattern throughout the day should keep employees comfortable, healthy and productive.

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Incorporating Hedge's 3S's At Work

Invest in Supportive Equipment 

To make this schedule as comfortable as possible, look into investing in a height adjustable standing desk, standing mat, a standing stool, and an ergonomic chair so that each position is effortless and comfortable when transitioning.

Set a Timer

Use your smartphone or computer to set a timer for each sit-stand transition and stretch time based on the above recommended minutes from the Hedge's 3S's.

Wear Appropriate Footwear

Ensure your footwear is flat and comfortable for standing, stretching and transitioning throughout the day.

Try Some Workplace Stretching

Websites, such as the Western Sydney University provide printable posters with easy-to-follow workplace stretches suitable for when you are sitting or standing at your workstation.  iPhone Apps, such as Wellnomics Stretches, are also a great resource for learning effective stretches in a workplace environment.

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