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Raise your laptop screen height with our Laptop Stands and Laptop Risers

If you work on a laptop computer, it is important to ensure you have the correct ergonomic setup to prevent discomfort and pain. Laptop computers were not designed with ergonomics in mind. They were designed for mobility. The screen is quite small and often too low in height. The keyboards are also very small and force your wrist into awkward working postures. With the use of our laptop stands and laptop risers you can quickly improve the setup of your workstation and in turn help to reduce the aches and pains in your wrist, hands, forearm, shoulders and neck. 

We stock a range of laptop stands and laptop risers which will help to position your laptop screen at the correct height and also adjust the angle of the screen. Simply dock the laptop into the stand or riser and then adjust the various height and angle settings to your preference. 


Ergonomic laptop stand laptop riser
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