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Join the Stand at Work Revolution

Become a champion and join the ‘stand at work’ revolution to end the above statistics with BeUpstanding! 

BeUpstanding is a FREEtoolkit for getting your workplace to stand up, sit less and move more. 

This evidence-based workplace health program based on over 10 years of research into what works to reduce sitting time and increase movement in today’s working environments. 

Run by an expert team at The University of Queensland who are delivering a sustainable and effective standing program to Australian workplaces and seeking champions (employees) from all different sized work environments and industries in promoting this health initiative. 

The BeUpstanding program has recently received funding from the National Health and Medical Research Council of Australia (NHMRC), which means it now has a new cutting-edge implementation trial underway which allows them to offer some champions expert coaching over the phone and data-driven feedback reports for FREE! 

The results so far of the workplaces who have incorporated this program have spoken for themselves: 


Staff satisfaction with BeUpstanding


Staff reported less musculoskeletal complaints


Minutes/day average reduction in sitting time at work


Staff reported improvements in job performance


Staff reported feeling less stressed


Reported less sick days

Want to be a Champion?

This is what you’ll receive: 

■ A group of highly-skilled individuals on hand to assist in implementing this health initiative into your workplace 
■ Provide you with skills and information to be healthier in your day-to-day work 
■ Assist other’s motivation to create a healthy work culture by implementing strategies to stand and move frequently throughout the work day 

Here at No More Pain Ergonomics, we are passionate about delivering the latest in ergonomic excellence and we believe this program will re-define the meaning of a desk job and how we perform tasks at work day-to-day. 

Want to become a champion of this new health initiative? Click below!

Brought to you by researchers at The University of Queensland, School of Public Health.The BeUpstanding™ program is currently being evaluated as part of a national implementation trial funded by the National Health and Medical Research Council (NHMRC) and supported by Comcare, Safe Work Australia, the Queensland Office of Industrial Relations, VicHealth, Healthier Workplace WA, The University of Queensland, Baker Heart & Diabetes Institute, Deakin University, and Curtin University.

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