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Saddle Chairs

What is a saddle chair?

The saddle chair can be a great ergonomic solution for users who may experience pain in their back, neck, upper limbs and/or are looking to improve their posture, spinal alignment, breathing and circulation.

If you are looking for an alternative to a standard office chair, why not consider changing to an ergonomic saddle chair?

One of the unique differences between a saddle chair and a traditional office chair is that the saddle chair promotes a very different sitting posture. The saddle chair places your body into correct postural alignment. This means that your spine is positioned in an anatomically correct way. The more time you spend sitting in this position, the stronger your back and core muscles will become, making it easier to adopt the correct posture. The increased angle between the knees and the hips, as well as the activation of the leg muscles to stabilize your body, takes the pressure off of your lower back.

Benefits of a saddle chair

Saddle chairs can help to relieve discomfort for those who experience lower back pain when sitting for extended periods. However, it is not just the lower back that experiences the difference. Saddle chairs are a great option for home office or as a gaming chair.

For more information on the benefits of saddle chairs, check out our recent blog post here: Benefits of a Saddle Chair


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We ship our range of saddle chairs to workplaces and homes throughout Australia. To get a quote or for any further questions, please feel free to contact our Customer Service team on 1300 898 965 or via

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