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Ergonomic Keyboards

Many office workers perform over 10,000 key strokes per hour when using their computer. That's a lot of repetitive movements! For this reason, it is not uncommon for many office workers to experience aches and pains associated with awkward postures and repetitive movements associated with using a computer keyboard. Traditional keyboards were not designed for comfort. 

A good ergonomic keyboard can help to improve your comfort levels and reduce the aches and pains associated with using a traditional keyboard. For many users, simply switching from their traditional keyboard to an ergonomic keyboard can solve their wrist, hand and/or forearm pain. 

Our range of ergonomic keyboards include:

  • Compact / Small Ergonomic Keyboards
  • Thin / Slim Ergonomic Keyboards
  • Keyboards without numeric keypad
  • Split Ergonomic Keyboards
  • Wireless Ergonomic Keyboards
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