ClickCease Kinesis Freestyle 2 - Ergonomic Keyboard - No More Pain Ergonomics
Kinesis Freestyle 2
Kinesis Freestyle 2Kinesis Freestyle 2Kinesis Freestyle 2Kinesis Freestyle 2Kinesis Freestyle 2Kinesis Freestyle 2Kinesis Freestyle 2
$350.00 AUD

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  • Split Ergonomic Design

  • Eliminate your Wrist, Forearm & Shoulder Pain

  • Improve your Comfort and Productivity

  • Backed by Our 30 day Money Back Guarantee - No Risk

30 Day Money Back Guarantee

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Hand size ergonomic mouse

Helps to Promote Comfortable Wrist Posture

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  • Split Ergonomic Design

  • Cord Length: 9 inches

  • Available in Wired or Bluetooth Connection (Kinesis Freestyle 2 Blue)

  • Compatible with Mac as a basic keyboard. Hot keys may not work except when running in Windows.


  • Width: 15.4"

  • Depth: 7.2"


2 Year Warranty - Full Replacement - If this keyboard becomes faulty or dies within the first 24 months, we will replace it in full for you.


  • A user who experiences acute or chronic wrist and forearm pain from typing on a traditional keyboard, as well as;

  • A user who has a broad stature requiring width in their keyboard to obtain a neutral wrist position

Split Keyboard

Ergonomically Designed

For Your Comfort

Most keyboards, including ergonomic models, have a 10 degree positive slope from front to back. These designs tend to bend your wrists and place unnecessary strain on your forearms and wrists. The Freestyle 2 has a zero degree slope which minimizes the height, effectively creating negative slope and reducing wrist extension.

Don't Put Up with the Pain

Change the Way You Work

From small to tall body types, the Freestyle 2 allows for maximum flexibility catering to each individual's unique needs. Out of the box both modules are connected by a flexible pivot tether allowing an infinite range of splay. Disconnecting the pivot tether allows up to 9 inches of complete seperation of both left and right keying modules. This design greatly reduces and/or eliminates ulnar deviation.

Kinesis Freestyle 2
Money Back Guarantee

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All of our products are hand selected for their ability to help you solve your aches and pains. As experts in our field, we know exactly what will work and what won't work and we're committed to ensuring each and every one of our customers is pain free after they engage with us. If this product doesn't help solve your aches and pains, we will work with you to either exchange it for another product or return it for a refund.


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Ask a Question
  • How wide in CM is the kenesis freestyle 2?

    Each piece is 19.5cm wide and when it is closed it is 39cm wide in total. 

  • I love the look and layout of this keyboard, it’s everything I want except… scissor switch keys. I’m wondering if there is any way to swap the keys over or if you are likely to offer this option at any stage. Thanks.

    Hi Steph,

    Thank you for your interest in our products!

    Unfortunately, swapping keys is not an option available for this product.

  • Hi… just wondering if this keyboard can come wireless or bluetooth please? How do i order the bluetooth please?

    Hi Janet,

    Thank you for your interest in our products!

    The Kinesis Freestyle 2 is available in Wired or Bluetooth Connection (Kinesis Freestyle 2 Blue).

    Please choose the Kinesis Freestyle 2 Blue on the dropdown menu for a Bluetooth connection.

  • Hello, does the Kinesis Freestyle 2 also come in wireless? Thank you Steve

    Thanks for your interest in our products. The Kinesis Freestyle 2 is available in wired or bluetooth connection as of the moment.

  • Hi I am looking at purchasing the Kinesis Freestyle 2 Keyboard. Could you please explain what the +VIP3 Accessory Pack includes? Could you also explain what the + V3 Accessory includes? Regards Sammy

    Good afternoon, 
    The Kinesis V3 accessory is an attachment that helps to raise the inner height of each part of the Kinesis Freestyle2 Keyboard. It attaches to the base of the Freestyle2 Keyboard allows for your to adjust the keyboard to 3 preset angle adjustments of 5, 10 and 15 degrees, positioning your forearms and wrists in a more comfortable position by reducing pronation of the forearm. 
    The VIP3 (V-Lifter and Intergrated Palm Supports) accessories includes the V3 accessory, and the integrated padded palm supports which ensures the wrists are supported whilst in a neutral resting position. 
    I hope this answers your question. If you have any further questions let us know - happy to help!

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