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Product Review: Universal Tablet Stand

Tablets have become such a wonderful piece of tech for portable work and leisure use.  However, one of the biggest downfalls of owning a tablet is the incorrect posture of the neck from looking down at a tablet.  The downward position of the neck over a long period of time can cause excruciating neck and shoulder pain from the muscles in the neck trying to carry a forward positioned head.  

One of our most popular products at No More Pain Ergonomics is a product that significantly reduces neck pain from looking down at a tablet.  It provides adjustability to position the stand for the tablet to sit at eye level - the perfect ergonomic position.  We are here to provide some features of the Universal Tablet Stand that we found make this stand a brilliant addition to any workstation

Ergonomic tablet stand monitor arm for microsoft surface
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Adjustable to Eye Level

The ergonomically corrected head and neck position is for the head to be atop the body (chin tucked) and looking straight ahead.  With a tablet the screen lays on a lap and causes the head to tilt forward and prone to pain and injury of the neck and shoulders.  

The Universal Tablet Stand is incredibly easy to adjust and position to an individual's eye level.  This position lifts the head and allows the eyes to look straight forward.  This also allows the tablet to be placed at an arm length away which is also the optimal ergonomic position to reduce the risk of eye strain.  

The weighted base allows for stability, and we found the Universal Tablet Stand was able to keep position all day.

360 Degree Rotation

We found that not only is the Universal Tablet Stand able to position at eye level, but can be easily rotated to a portrait or landscape position, and also quickly turn 180 degrees with ease.

Cord Organisation

The Universal Tablet Stand has a great little feature of spaces in the structure to allow for charging cords to be placed and held in an organised way to de-clutter the workspace.

Fits a Large iPhone

One additional feature of the Universal Tablet Stand is that it fits a large iPhone.  This is great for when you want to stand the iPhone for taking video or held up to eye level.  It can also position the iPhone in a portrait or landscape position.


With such a small, sturdy base, the Universal Tablet Stand allows for a compact design and takes up minimal real estate on your work desk.  

Not Portable

The one  feature that we have to share is that the Universal Tablet Stand has not been created to be portable, due to the weight of the base.  We have found that the stand can fold down to a considerable size, but is not suited to travel as a carry-on item on flights, etc.

We hope this review has helped in your journey in creating the perfect ergonomic workspace for your work environment (or home!).  If you have any questions about the Universal Tablet Stand or any other of our products, please feel free to contact our team on:

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