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Product Review: ErgoSlider Plus+ Mouse

One of our most popular, most interesting and effective products at No More Pain Ergonomics is an ergonomic mouse that looks nothing like any traditional or vertical mouse on the market today.  However, the mouse can provide the perfect solution for a user who is experiencing acute and chronic wrist and hand pain.  Below are some of the noticeable feedback we're receiving from our customers on why this unique mouse is something other's should consider in their quest to find a solution to relieve pain while working.

Ergonomic Mouse - ErgoSlider Plus+ Mouse
$350.00 AUD

No Grip Required

The Ergoslider operates with a roller wheel which is used to control the mouse cursor.  Due to this, the user is able to use any part of their hand to move the cursor across the screen without the ned to grip a mouse.


Because this mouse requires no gripping of a mouse and is positioned in a neutral position in front of the keyboard, the user is able to use either the left or right hand.  This is a fantastic solution to a user who experiences fatigue easily and is required to relieve one arm for the other when working consistently at the computer.

Task Grading

The ErgoSlider mouse has multiple ways to use a left click.  The left click can be performed by either pressing down on the roller bar, or using the left button that is positioned below the roller bar.  This is a great solution for a user who has acute finger or hand pain that finds it difficult to click on a traditional mouse.  They would be able to use the roller bar, then once gaining more strength in the hand, move to using the left button for this constant action.

Navigational Shortcuts

One additional feature on the ErgoSlider is the navigational buttons that can act to move forward or back through webpages.  This stops the need of moving the cursor to the top of the page each time a user requires to click 'back' or forward' on the internet.

One Click for a Double Click

The ErgoSlider mouse has a central scroll wheel that when pressed becomes a shortcut button to 'double click'.  One of the most popular feedback on this product is the relief of so many 'clicks' while using the mouse that allows for the hand and fingers to heal.

30 Day Satisfaction Guarantee

No More Pain Ergonomics provides a 30 day satisfaction guarantee to our customers which allows the user to trial the product for 30 days from purchase date to ensure it is the best solution for their needs.  If the ErgoSlider Plus is not suitable, the customer can send the product back for an exchange or a full refund on the product (excludes return shipping).  

This unique mouse is full of features and designed for a user who is looking for a solution to their acute or chronic pain that gives them the flexibility of use to be able to perform all of their computer tasks and mouse use.  I implore you to try it today to help relieve the pain and become more comfortable and productive at work and home.  

If you would like to know more about this mouse or any ergonomic product in our range, please feel free to contact the team at: 

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