ClickCease Working from Home: Ergonomic Setups - No More Pain Ergonomics

There are different work from home setups that can achieve a level of ergonomic standards to ensure you are working comfortably and productively while preventing future injury or pain.  

Below are some work from home bundles we have created for you to use in support of the considerations to your home ergonomics.  They produce the ability to adjust equipment, person and the environment to an ergonomic standard while working at home.

The Essential Laptop Setup

Working with only a laptop at home can cause eye strain, neck pain, shoulder pain, back pain and forearm pain.  With the below system, you are able to adjust the position of your keyboard, mouse and laptop screen so that they align with the body angles required to achieve a comfortable and safe work environment.

The Ultimate Laptop Setup

This setup includes the bundle above as well as a seperate monitor and monitor riser so that it can be used in conjunction with the laptop to create a dual monitor setup, or provide you with a larger screen size to reduce eye strain and head forward tilting.

The Tablet Setup

Much like the above laptop setup, having a tablet only, or a tablet with a built in keyboard does not allow you the adjustability to position the screen and your body to an ergonomic standard to work from home for long periods at a time.  For this reason we have created the below bundle that includes bluetooth keyboard and mouse (no USB ports necessary), as well as a stand that can support tablets up to 12.9 inches.

The Home Office Essentials Setup

When we speak of office desk ergonomics, to produce the most comfortable and productive space, we also need to consider ergonomic seating as well as the new guidelines regarding the necessity to sit-stand-stretch throughout the work day.  

If you are required to sit for 7-8 hours a day over a long period of time, it is well worth looking into setting up your home office to meet Australian Standards and Guidelines for office desk ergonomics.  We have recommended the below products that are our most popular and highly reviewed items that can accompany your above home setups  and allows you to meet these standards in your home office.

ergonomic office chairs
$575.00 AUD
DeskMatic Electric Standing Desk - No More Pain Ergonomics
$550.00 AUD$475.00 AUD
adjustable ergonomic foot rest
$75.00 AUD
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