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Best Wireless Ergonomic Mouse

Traditional computer mice are not designed for your comfort and promote Repetitive Strain Injuries over time with use.

Our Wireless Ergonomic Mice are designed to make using a computer more comfortable by eliminating aches and pains in your wrist, hand and arm. We've compiled our top 3 pick of Best Wireless Mouse in our Ergonomic Mouse range. 

#1 - Vertical Ergonomic Wireless Mouse

From $60 + Free Shipping
Available in Left or Right Handed Version

Best Wireless Mouse

The Vertical Ergonomic Mouse is designed to help eliminate wrist and hand pain. It does this by changing the posture of your hand and forearm. It supports your hand in an upright neutral position and this position is optimal for reducing both the tension and activation of your forearm muscles. By reducing the tension and activation of your forearm muscles, you will notice a decrease in aches, pains, fatigue, pins and needles or simply just discomfort when you use your computer mouse.

#2 - Delux Vertical Wireless Mouse

From $85 + Free Shipping

Computer Mouse Wireless

The Delux Vertical Ergonomic Mouse makes using a computer mouse painless and more comfortable. It has a unique design that is molded to fit comfortably in your hand, whilst minimizing gripping and promoting a neutral wrist alignment. All of these changes help to reduce the tension/pain within your wrist and forearm muscles. The Delux Vertical Mouse is extremely comfortable and relaxing to use.

#3 - Ergo Comfi Wireless Mouse

From $75 + Free Shipping

Wireless Mouse Best Review

The Ergo Comfi Mouse will make using a computer mouse comfortable and pain free. It is designed to eliminate wrist and hand pain by supporting your hand in a posture that can be likened to a hand shake. This neutral position is most optimal for reducing tension and activation of your forearm muscles. The Ergo Comfi Mouse provides superior comfort and helps to eliminate any pain in your wrist or forearm. The Ergo Comfi Mouse features a unique semi-vertical design, two short cut keys for backwards and forwards navigation in web browsers and is specifically customized to promote the most comfortable upper limb biomechanics for operating a computer mouse. The Ergo Comfi Mouse is made with a soft touch finish and a sculpted thumb mould to reduce over activation of the thumb.


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