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How to Pick the Right Ergonomic Keyboard

Everything you need to know

When it comes to Ergonomic Keyboards the choices are not as many then compared to Ergonomic Mice. However, picking the right one can still take some research. We've written this simple "How to" article to help you make the best choice in an Ergonomic Keyboard. There are 2 main types of ergonomic keyboards:

Compact Ergonomic Keyboards

Split Ergonomic Keyboards

Compact Ergonomic Keyboards

Compact Ergonomic Keyboards are designed on the principle that traditional keyboards are too wide and force the computer mouse to be positioned too far away from the body. This incorrect placement of the computer mouse means the users shoulder is abducted ("winging") and having to reach away from the body to access the mouse. This awkward work posture activates more muscles in the neck and shoulder and overtime can lead to tight or sore neck and shoulder muscles. Compact Ergonomic Keyboards have no numeric keypad which makes them significantly smaller in length. By reducing the length of the keyboard, the mouse is able to be brought closer to the body.

Shoulder Abduction ("winging") from Standard Keyboard

Correct Shoulder Position with Compact Keyboard

Recommended Compact Ergonomic Keyboards

Compact Ergonomic Keyboard

The Compact Ergonomic Keyboard is the perfect solution for those users wanting to reposition their computer mouse closer to their body. It is ultra slim in width and has low profile keys making it more comfortable on your fingers and wrists as well. 

  • Wired or Wireless Models

  • Ultra Thin

  • Ideal for Shoulder Pain

Ease Compact Keyboard

The Ease Compact Keyboard is a compact ergonomic keyboard with a full numeric keypad built in. It is ideal for users who want a compact keyboard, however use the numeric keypad frequently. It will allow you to reposition your computer mouse to a more comfortable spot.

  • Wireless Connection

  • Numeric Keypad

  • Ideal for Shoulder Pain

Ergo Keyboard Combo

The Ergo Keyboard Combo features a compact ergonomic keyboard paired with a wireless numeric keypad. It is the perfect solution for those users wanting to reposition their computer mouse closer to their body. The wireless numeric keypad allows you to use your left or right hands to perform numeric data entry.

  • Wired or Wireless Models

  • Ultra Thin

  • Ideal for Shoulder Pain

Split Ergonomic Keyboards

Split Key Ergonomic Keyboards are designed with a defined split in the middle of the keyboard that splits the keys into two sections. This split creates a V like shape which effectively modifies the working postures of the wrists when using the keyboard. By splitting the keys, the wrist no longer deviate. Wrist deviation is a common cause of wrist pain from traditional keyboards. Working with sustained wrist deviation places additional pressure on bones in your wrist and the muscles in your hand and forearm. The aches and pain associated with sustained wrist deviation can also be felt in the elbow where the forearm muscles attach to the elbow. Split Key Ergonomic Keyboards come in either a fixed split key arrangement or an adjustable split key option. The adjustable split key option is great, however the fixed split key arrangement keyboards tend to get the split key angle right every time.

Wrist Deviation from Standard Keyboard

Neutral Wrist Alignment with Split Keyboard

Recommended Split Ergonomic Keyboards

Kinesis Freestyle 2

The Kinesis Freestyle 2 Split Keyboard allows the user to adjust their keyboard to find the perfect working posture. It features two pieces which can be hooked together to allow for an even split or the option to unhook the two pieces and set the keyboard wide apart as desired. 

  • Wired or Wireless Models

  • Split your Keyboard

  • Ideal for Wrist Pain

Folding Split Keyboard

The Folding Split Keyboard is the perfect split ergonomic keyboard for anyone that uses a laptop and wants portability. The keyboard can be folded in half and is ultra thin and light. 

  • Bluetooth Connection

  • Split your Keyboard

  • Ideal for Travel

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