Shoulder Pain: How your Computer is Causing it and How you Can Fix it

Shoulder Pain Ergonomic mouse keyboard fix it

Shoulder Pain is one of the top 5 most reported ergonomic related issues in people with white collar job roles. Often gradual in onset, it can quickly develop into a constant aching and throbbing pain that worsens at the end of each day or the end of the week.

There are 2 main reasons that you may be experiencing shoulder pain. This article will explain each of these and provide you with the answer to how you can fix it.

Your Computer Mouse is Positioned Too Far Away from your Body

Traditional keyboards are very wide in size. They feature a numeric keypad on the right hand side which forces you to position your computer mouse away from your body. This causes our arm to adopt a slightly abducted working posture, in order to use our computer mouse. Unfortunately our arms weren't designed to hold this posture for extended periods each day, and so with repetitive exposure and use in this awkward posture, the muscles in our shoulder become fatigued and inflamed.

Shoulder pain ergonomic mouse keyboard

The Solution

The solution lays in re-positioning your computer mouse in a way that allows your shoulder to be more relaxed and closer to your body. To achieve this, you may need to change your keyboard to an ergonomic compact keyboard. These keyboards are specifically designed to allow your computer mouse to be positioned close to your body. We recommend the Perixx Compact Keyboard.


Your Workstation Lacks Arm Support

Due to the design of some workstations, they can lack sufficient arm support for the user. In this instance, the muscles in your shoulder and arm are more activated to support your arm. Again, with repetitive exposure and use, these muscles can become fatigued and inflamed. A lack of arm support is common in workstations that are very small or if your computer chair lacks arm rests.

The Solution

The solution lays in introducing an external arm support. This might come in the form of adding arm rests to your computer chair or an external ergonomic arm support device. Providing your arm with something to rest on, will help to reduce the activation of the muscles in your shoulder and arm. This in turn will help to reduce the pain in your shoulder. Some good external ergonomic arm supports include:

Ergonomic Adjustable Forearm Support


Ergonomic Arm Rest Support


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