Small hands? Need not worry, we have a range of ergonomic vertical mice that are designed for users with smaller hands.

A hand size of 15cm or under is classified as a small hand size.  For information on how to measure your hand size, please click here.

If you found you indeed have a small hand for mouse use - these below products are for you!

Ergo Comfi Mouse

Measuring in at just 10.5cm in length and 6.5cm in height, this mouse is a great option. It features a unique semi-vertical design, two short cut keys for backwards and forwards navigation in web browsers and is specifically customised to promote the most comfortable upper limb biomechanics for operating a computer mouse. 

This is our top pick due to the affordability, reliability, and availability of left and right handed versions.

Small Ergonomic Mouse
$80.00 AUD

Delux Mini Vertical Mouse

The Delux Mini Vertical Ergonomic mouse is a beautifully designed ergonomic mouse with a contoured shape to place the palm and fingers comfortably while in use.  With 3 DPI settings and an aesthetically pleasing coloured LED light, this is a great addition to an ergonomic workstation.

Evoluent VMR4 Small

This mouse has one of the best build qualities in the market, however this doesn't come cheap. Although a great option for users with small hands, its 7.4cm height and 8.5cm width make it on the bigger side for a small mouse.

Ergonomic Mouse - Evoluent VMR4 Small
$250.00 AUD

Oyster Mouse - Small Model

If money is no option and you want the flexibility of not only being able to choose a specific angle to place the mouse, but also switching hands when your hand feels fatigued - then the Oyster Mouse - Small Model is your answer. 

The Oyster Mouse is an award winning design by Ergoption that is the only fully adjustable ergonomic mouse: you can instantly adjust the mouse to 5 different angles to intuitively find the best posture for you.  It is also an ambidextrous mouse meaning you can quickly change from one hand to the other throughout the work day to reduce fatigue and pain from mouse use.

Ergonomic Mouse - Oyster Mouse
$230.00 AUD

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