ClickCease ErgoFeel Vertical Ergonomic Mouse - Designed for Wrist & Hand Pain - No More Pain Ergonomics

ErgoFeel Vertical Ergonomic Mouse
ErgoFeel Vertical Ergonomic MouseErgoFeel Vertical Ergonomic MouseErgoFeel Vertical Ergonomic MouseErgoFeel Vertical Ergonomic MouseErgoFeel Vertical Ergonomic MouseErgoFeel Vertical Ergonomic MouseErgoFeel Vertical Ergonomic MouseErgoFeel Vertical Ergonomic MouseErgoFeel Vertical Ergonomic MouseErgoFeel Vertical Ergonomic Mouse

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  • Our Most Popular Selling Large Ergonomic Mouse

  • Eliminate your Wrist and Hand Pain

  • Improve your Comfort and Productivity

  • Backed by Our 30 day Money Back Guarantee - No Risk

30 Day Money Back Guarantee

All products can be returned to us within 30 days of purchase for either an exchange or full refund of the product price.
Hand size ergonomic mouse

Suitable for 

Large Hand Sizes

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  • Ergonomically Designed

  • Suitable for Large Hand Sizes

  • Right Hand & Left Hand Models Available

  • Available in Wired or Wireless Connection via USB Receiver


This mouse is suitable for large hand size users.

  • Width: 7cm

  • Length: 12cm
  • Height: 7cm


  • Simply plug into your computer, no driver download required

  • Compatible with Mac OS, Windows 2000, 2003, XP, Vista, 7/8/10 Operating Systems
  • Right handed or Left handed use only

  • Wireless Model: 2 x AAA Batteries (not included)




1 Year Warranty - Full Replacement - If this mouse becomes faulty or dies within the first 12 months, we will replace it in full for you.


This product is suitable for:

  • A user who wants to prevent or rehabilitate from wrist and forearm pain while using a traditional mouse

  • A user with a large hand size

  • A user who is looking for a basic, solid mouse and does not require any advanced features

Vertical Ergonomic Mouse
ErgoFeel Vertical Ergonomic Mouse

Ergonomically Designed

For Your Comfort

The ErgoFeel Vertical Ergonomic Mouse is designed to make using a mouse comfortable again. It does this by changing the posture of your hand and forearm. It supports your hand in an upright neutral position. This position is optimal for reducing both the tension and activation of your forearm muscles. By reducing the tension and activation of your forearm muscles, you will notice an immediate difference in how your hand and arm feels when using your mouse. Firstly, it just feels more comfortable and natural. And that's because it is. Secondly, you will notice that you don't get that aching pain in your wrist, hand or forearm. Aches and pains are completely resolved with the ErgoFeel Vertical Ergonomic Mouse. But best of all, you can use your mouse for longer periods without that annoying aching pain. And that means no more rubbing your aching hand or using anti inflammatory gels to mask the problem. No more struggling through reports, assignments or work.

Don't Put Up with the Pain

Change the Way You Work

We spend over 8 hours every day using a computer mouse. It's unavoidable in this day and age of work. But you've probably come to realise, conventional computer mice are horrible to use. Sure, they get the job done, but they cause you aches and pains.  

Delux vertical Mouse
Ergonomic Mouse for wrist pain

Feel The Difference

Experience Comfort Again

Switching to the ErgoFeel Vertical Ergonomic you will instantly notice a difference. Don't believe us? Try it for yourself and see. In fact, we are so confident in this mouse and all our products that we back them by Our 30 Day Money Back Guarantee. Our Guarantee covers you for up to 30 days, so if you try the Vertical Ergonomic Mouse and it doesn't solve your aches and pains, simply send it back to us and we will give you a full refund or work with you to find another mouse that will. We pride ourselves on helping each and every customer to find the right ergonomic solution to their problem.

Money Back Guarantee

Our Guarantee

Risk Free Trial

All of our products are hand selected for their ability to help you solve your aches and pains. As experts in our field, we know exactly what will work and what won't work and we're committed to ensuring each and every one of our customers is pain free after they engage with us. If this product doesn't help solve your aches and pains, we will work with you to either exchange it for another product or return it for a refund.

Need Help Choosing?

Compare our Range of Ergonomic Computer Mice

With so many different options to choose from, we understand that finding the right ergonomic mouse for your hand size and symptoms can take quite a bit of research. To help guide you through your decision making, we've prepared some information to help you understand the differences in each of our ergonomic mice.

For Health Professionals

Key Information for Reports


  • Patient has pain or discomfort in right or left hand, wrist, forearm or shoulder

  • Patients occupational duties require frequent computer use

  • Patient has a large hand size



ErgoFeel Vertical Ergonomic Mouse


ErgoFeel Vertical Ergonomic Mouse


- Wireless or Wired vertical ergonomic mouse

- Requires 2 x AAA batteries

- Compatible with windows and mac operating systems


Supplier: No More Pain Ergonomics

$75.00 AUD$60.00 AUD


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Customer Reviews

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Ask a Question
  • Hi, not sure if my hand is small or medium therefore not sure which mouse would work better for me.

    To measure your hand size and determine its category (Small, Medium or Large), simply download our free guide on How to Pick the Right Ergonomic Mouse via this link: 

    It will step you through the process for measuring your hand size and recommend specific mice that would be suitable. 

  • Will this work with a macintosh computer

    Hi Melinda, yes the Vertical Ergonomic Mouse is compatible with Mac computers. 

  • Hi, how long would it take to get the product delivered to Melbourne please?

    2-3 Business Days

    You can learn more about our shipping via this link: 

  • I have been recovering from a bad case of tennis elbow due to mouse use. Am left handed, small to medium hand, and prefer a wireless mouse. Looking at the Vertical Ergonomic and the Minicute EZ2 - which mouse do you recommend for me?

    Hi Judy,

    Sorry to hear about your tennis elbow injury. Both the Vertical Ergonomic Mouse and the Minicute EZ2 Mice are excellent choices. The Vertical Ergonomic Mouse is our brand so it is slightly cheaper. I would recommend the Vertical Ergonomic Mouse as it comes with a 2 year warranty (same as Minicute EZ2), is cheaper and offers same functionality. 

  • Do you have this in a wired version.

    Hi Lisa,

    Thank you for your interest in our products!

    For the ErgoFeel Vertical Ergonomic Mouse, we have a Wired or Wireless connection via USB receiver for both Right Hand & Left-Hand models.
    Please choose the connection that you prefer for this model by clicking the dropdown arrow.

  • Hi Does the ergofeel vertical ergonomic wireless mouse come with a keyboard, so that only one USB receiver is required to connect the mouse and keyboard to the computer? Also, if I purchase a mouse and keyboard what would be approximate delivery times to melbourne. Thanks Sarah

    Unfortunately only one device can be controlled via a 2.4GHz USB receiver, so the mouse and the keyboard will have their own USB receivers. Delivery times to metro Victoria are 2-4 business days.

  • I have big hands with Arthritis in the finger joints so I need a big mouse can you help me with this.

    Hi David,

    Good options for a large hand size are:

    Vertical Ergonomic Mouse (Length = 12cm, Height = 7cm, Width = 7cm) - 
    Perixx Perimice 715 (Length = 12cm, Height = 7cm, Width = 6.5cm) - 
    Rii Vertical Mouse (Length = 11,5cm, Height = 6.5cm, Width = 7cm) - 

  • Does this help for condition de quervains tenosynovitis?

    Hello Amara,

    Thank you for reaching out to us and for your interest in our products!

    The ErgoFeel Vertical Mouse is recommended for  De Quervain's Tenosynovitis. The mouse is designed to place your wrist in a more comfortable posture and will help to reduce aggravation of your pain symptoms.

  • Hi, is the USB receiver replaceable if lost or do I have to buy the whole product again?

    Hi Stephen,

    Thank you for your interest in our products!

    The USB receiver for the ErgoFeel Vertical Ergonomic Mouse is synced with its specific mouse. Unfortunately, we will not be able to send another one if it's lost. We would recommend purchasing a new mouse instead.

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