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Salli Pro Saddle Chair (PRE-ORDER)

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Product Description / Specifications

The Salli Pro Saddle Chair is a cutting-edge seating solution that has taken ergonomic design to the next level. This chair is perfect for anyone who spends extended periods sitting, whether it be in a dental or medical office, home office or even at a standing desk. The saddle-shaped design of the seat ensures that your spine maintains its natural curvature, promoting good posture and alleviating any discomfort or pain. With its tilt mechanism and adjustable width, you can easily customize the working position to your own preference, allowing for greater comfort and productivity. The Salli Pro Saddle Chair is truly a game-changer in ergonomic seating design!

Whether you work in a dental or medical office, or even in a home office, the Salli Pro is the perfect seating solution for you! Its innovative design features a revamped sway mechanism and adjustable width, taking ergonomic seating to the next level.

With the tilt mechanism, you can easily adjust the working position to your personal preference, making it possible to reach forward without straining your back. This feature is particularly useful for dentists, as it provides a stable platform to work on. Many professionals have already made this their preferred choice!


  • Height adjustment
  • Width adjustment
  • Active sitting mechanism for back health and core activation
  • High quality 3mm steel construction, built to last a lifetime


The height dimensions in the image are for standard castors, add 3cm when inline castors are used.

Salli Pro Dimensions

Why use a Salli Saddle chair?

Scientific research has shown that sitting with an open hip angle ranging from 125-135 degrees can significantly minimize musculoskeletal stresses and assist in achieving a neutral sitting posture with a balanced position.

Why is this important?

Regular office or task chairs can cause significant stress to your body, which may result in discomfort and pain. Even when following standard ergonomic sitting and desk setup guidelines, you or someone you know may still experience minor or acute back pain from sitting. Unfortunately, these common diagrams are often outdated and not the most effective sitting practices. If they were effective, there wouldn't be as many sitting-related disorders as there are today. It's important to remember that pain management in the form of medication and therapy is a large and costly industry. It's better and more cost-effective to focus on prevention rather than treatment. The patented, pressure-reducing split design of Salli saddle chairs also offers additional health benefits.


This model qualifies for our Lifetime Structural Guarantee. 

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  • Hi, what is the weight rating for the Salli pro saddle chair? Will it accommodate someone who is 100kgs?

    The weight rating is 120 kg.


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