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3 Ways to Know It's an Ergonomic Keyboard

When it comes to investing in a computer keyboard - the options can be endless online.  For this reason, we're giving you 3 ways to know the computer keyboard you are looking into is ergonomically at gold standard.

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Correct Wrist Position for Typing on a Computer Keyboard

Learn the correct positioning and techniques to help you work more comfortably and with less pain while using your computer keyboard.

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keyboard shortcuts to reduce reaching pain shoulder wrist

The keyboard is one of the most important and frequently used tools in the modern office today, and has some pretty impressive functions that allows the user to not have to move to the mouse continually and reduce pain caused by the repetitive action of this movement.  In this blog post we'd like to share with you some tips regarding keyboard shortcut functions to optimise your use of the keyboard.

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Compact Ergonomic Keyboards - do they work?

What is a compact keyboard, and why change from the traditional computer keyboard?  We look at the factors on why this change can relieve aches and pains in the shoulders and arms.

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