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Ergonomic saddle chair seat

Ergonomically Designed

For Your Comfort

Spending up to 8 hours each day sitting down can lead to discomfort such as lower back pain or neck pain. If you're reading this, I'm sure you can relate to this. How is it that our couch is oh so comfortable, yet our office chair is literally a pain in the back?The Comfort Air Ergonomic Saddle Chair is the perfect solution for workers who find traditional office chairs uncomfortable and prefer the comfort of a saddle-shaped seat.

Don't Put Up with the Pain

Change the Way You Work

Many users of saddle chairs report numerous benefits including:  

  • Improved comfort when sitting for prolonged periods

  • Reduced lower back pain symptoms

  • Reduced upper back pain symptoms

  • Reduced neck pain symptoms

  • Improved mobility around their work environment

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Feel The Difference

Experience Comfort Again

Chances are you have probably seen one of these chairs before and you are forgiven for not knowing what it was you were looking at. Saddle chairs don't really resemble an office chair, nor even a stool. That's because they are their own category of furniture. Saddle chairs (as their name suggests) have a seat shaped like a saddle that you'd put on a horse. A good ergonomic saddle chair will be equipped with a five-legged base (much like a regular office chair), casters, and a pneumatic cylinder for adjusting seat height as well as several other features such as a height and angle adjustable back rest and seat pan tilt. Cheaper saddle chairs don't offer as many adjustment features which makes them less ergonomic. Despite their odd appearance, saddle chairs can significantly improve your comfort levels when sitting for prolonged periods.

One of the unique differences between a saddle chair and a traditional office chair is that the saddle chair promotes a very different sitting posture. The saddle chair places your body into correct postural alignment. This means that your spine is positioned in an anatomically correct way. The more time you spend sitting in this position, the stronger your back and core muscles will become, making it easier to adopt the correct posture. The increased angle between the knees and the hips, as well as the activation of the leg muscles to stabilize your body, takes the pressure off of your lower back. This can help to relieve discomfort for those who experience lower back pain when sitting for extended periods. However, it is not just the lower back that experiences the difference. 

When the pressure is reduced in your lower back, muscle tension in your upper back and neck decreases as well. If you suffer from neck pain and/or tension headaches, you may find switching to a saddle chair can help to relieve these symptoms. 

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That Will Last

Cheaper saddle chairs are not built to last the test of time and offer minimal ergonomic benefits. They simply can't because of the cheaper quality materials used and the lack of ergonomic adjustments. That's why our Comfort Air Ergonomic Saddle chair comes with a 3-year warranty and numerous ergonomic adjustments - seat height, back rest height, back rest tilt and seat pan tilt. Users are able to adjust their saddle chair to find the perfect sitting posture for their individual comfort. And this is why it pays to spend that little bit extra now rather than buying cheap, inferior saddle chairs that are not adjustable.

Money Back Guarantee


  • 3-Lever Mechanism Adjustment

  • Seat Height Adjustment

  • Back Tilt Adjustment

  • Manual Back Height Adjustment

  • Seat Pan Angle Adjustment

It is perfect for employees who are frequently moving around in their work environment such as:

  • Dentists

  • Doctors

  • Optometrists

  • Beauticians

  • Massage Therapists

  • Other Health Practitioners


  • Seat Height: 50.5 - 62.5 cm

  • Seat Width: 43 cm
  • Seat Depth: 36 cm

  • Backrest Height: 46 cm

  • Backrest Width: 37.5 cm


  • PU Leather - red coloured back rest, black coloured seat pan

  • Anti-bacterial foam
  • Assembly required

  • Weighted to 110kg



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  • I read that this particular chair is perfect for employees who move around a lot. Is there a saddle chair for an office worker who is seated for lengthy periods of time? Many thanks.

    Thanks for a great question!  This saddle chair is capable of being used for the office worker who sits regularly as it includes a backrest.  We do, however, recommend a 'transition' period to a saddle chair if you currently use a normal office chair.  This is due to your body needing to adjust and improve core strength and corrected posture.  To do this, we would ask you use both your normal and saddle chair each day and gradually increase the amount of time you use the saddle chair.  Hope this helps, and if there are any other questions, or you would like a free tips and information guide to using a saddle chair, please contact us at:

  • Hi, please send the width of the wheel base. My desk has a narrow chair space with filing drawers on both sides.

    The width of the wheel base of Comfort Air Ergonomic Saddle Chair is 55 cm.

  • Hi how long would it take to deliver an ergonomic saddle desk chair to Margate Tasmania?

    Hope you are well! The estimated delivery date Margate TAS is approximately 3-8 business days.

  • Hi would like to know if this is a narrower fit saddle chair (i.e. angle at the front) as I have shorts legs and am female so would prefer a narrower style. thank you

    Hi, thanks for your question. The chair has seat pan angle adjustment, as well as seat height adjustment. This allows the user to adjust the chair so that it is at an appropriate height/angle to suit the users needs. As for the seat itself, the seat pan is a standard saddle style, if you would like the dimensions of the actual seat pan itself, let us know and we can send them through to you as well. I hope this answers your question - and if I can assist with any further queries about the saddle chair, please feel free to send us an email at - we're always here to help!

  • Hi there, Does Comfort Air Ergonomic Saddle Chair come in all black or only the black and red?

    Hi, unfortunately the chair only comes in the red and black. I hope this answers your question.

  • does this chair come in all black?

    Hi there, thanks for the question.  The Comfort Air Ergonomic Saddle Chair currently comes in the one colour that you can see in the photos of the product page.  We do not currently have it available in an all black colour.  I hope this answers your question, and if I can assist with any further queries about the saddle chair, please feel free to send us an email to: - we're always here to help!

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