Now that more than 50% of the population are sitting at their work desks for 8-10 hour days, experts have found the importance of continual movement throughout the day to break up the sedentary work.  Sometimes it is not practical to be able to leave the desk and move around the office in case you get stuck talking to Glenda from marketing about her upcoming trip, or are distracted in doing other tasks before getting back to your desk.

For this reason, we've provided you a video guide on some simple, yet effective movements to do at your desk to help relax, become mindful and re-focus on the work at hand.  

We recommend moving at least every half hour of the day to activate joints, get the blood circulating, relaxing tense muscles and reset.

Please note: the following set of movements are to be used as a guide and examples of exercises to perform to increase movement during sedentary work. We recommend performing some or all of the movements every 30 minutes throughout a day at the office desk.

None of the following movements should produce or increase pain or discomfort. If pain or discomfort occurs while performing any of the following movements, stop immediately. Consult your health professional for advice and adjustments to this routine to suit your individual needs and capabilities.


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