Have you been working from home since 2020?  How has the change of office environment impacted you?  Have you found you've been sitting for longer periods of time?

There have been some startling results from an annually run UK based survey on office workers and their sedentary behaviour.

These results shed light on the change of work conditions and how important it is now, more than ever to ensure you have set your work environment up to be as active as possible to keep you in good health.  

The annual Active Sitting Survey® run in the UK found that 47% of office workers surveys spent nearly their whole working day (7+ hours) sedentary, up from 26% pre-pandemic. 


66% of workers admitted that workday sitting time has increased during lockdown

Women spend more time sitting than men: 51% of females said they spent seven or more working hours seated compared with 41% of male respondents

Prolonged sedentary behaviour is more of a problem in the public sector than the private sector: 51% of public sector staff said they daily spend more than 90 minutes at a time seated, compared with 39% among their public sector counterparts.

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  • Physical and mental health issues are at higher risk when we do not move regularly throughout the day.

    • Julia Hillen

      Occupational Therapist, No More Pain Ergonomics

Although the results are worrying on the future of work-from-home employees physical and mental wellbeing, there was also good news with 30% of respondents indicating that their boss cared about their health “very much”, up from 16% the previous year.

With this data, we hope to see more attention to health solutions and workplace setups that provide a healthy working lifestyle to employees moving forward.

If you would like to discuss how you can improve non-sedentary behaviour at home or in the office, please feel free to reach out to our team who can recommend ergonomic solutions for a more comfortable, active and productive workspace.

You can read the full press release here.

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