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Why do I get burning pain in my little finger when typing?

In today's digital landscape, our reliance on computers has become ingrained in our daily routines. However, extended periods of typing can lead to unexpected discomfort, such as a burning sensation in the little finger. Understanding the root causes behind this discomfort and implementing ergonomic changes alongside targeted stretches can significantly alleviate these issues.

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best left handed vertical ergonomic mouse

In this article we review why left handed ergonomic mice are not so common and our top picks within our range of left handed vertical ergonomic mice.

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The 3 Best Wrist Supports for Your Office Desk

If you are experiencing hand, wrist and forearm pain, you may want to try a wrist support for your computer keyboard and mouse.  Here are our top 3 picks!

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Vertical Ergonomic Mouse: A Great Vertical Ergonomic Mouse for Hand Conditions

Over 50% of workers today spend some time at an office desk, and a large majority of these workers spend 8 hours or more completing computer work. Learn why a Vertical Ergonomic Mouse may be solution you've been searching for. 

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