If you are experiencing hand, wrist and forearm pain, you may want to try a wrist support for your computer keyboard and mouse.  

We have discussed what can cause forearm and wrist pain while typing at the desk in a previous post, and this article will guide you through the types of wrist support you can use to support the relief of wrist and forearm pain at the desk. 

Why Use a Wrist Support?

Wrist supports were created to be a cushioning support when you use your keyboard and mouse.  It stopped the user from placing the wrist joint on the hard desk that aggravated the tendons and caused Carpal Tunnel Syndrome.  

Before moving on to some examples of some great wrist supports, please ensure you have read the post regarding the correct positioning for a wrist support so that you use the product correctly at the desk.

  • Wrist supports for your keyboard and mouse can have benefits to a computer worker, however they need to be placed and used correctly to see these benefits.  

    • Julia Hillen

      Occupational Therapist, No More Pain Ergonomics

Our Top 3 Wrist Supports

1. Gliding Wrist Support

This wrist support has been created to assist in mouse use, however some users have found that placing two of these supports under each forearm while using the keyboard is just as successful in relaxing the forearm and wrist and reduce aches and pains.

We have rated this our number one choice due to its versitility, innovative design, and value for money.


  • A moulded, soft cushioning surface for ultimate comfort
  • Wheels on the base to allow the forearm to glide along the desk surface with the wrist support during mouse use

$45.00 AUD

  • Moves with your hand
  • Ergonomically designed for comfort

Includes Free Shipping

2. Contoured Keyboard Wrist Support

A great compliment to the gliding wrist support is the contoured keyboard wrist support that is ideal for resting in between typing tasks.  It is placed in front of the keyboard and has a cushioning surface for great comfort in between typing.

We've rated this our second choice due to its contoured design, usability and affordability.

$40.00 AUD

  • Ideal for typing breaks
  • Ergonomically designed for comfort

Includes Free Shipping

3. Delux Vertical Ergonomic Mouse

This mouse, although not just a wrist support, includes a detachable wrist support that avoids your hand and wrist from touching the desk while you use it.  

We thought it was a great addition to this list as we know that placing your hand in a neutral position untwists your forearm muscles and tendons which can further alleviate forearm and wrist pain while using the mouse.

$70.00 AUD$100.00 AUD

  • Ideal for typing breaks
  • Ergonomically designed for comfort

Includes Free Shipping

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