The Microsoft Surface range of laptops has become one of the most utilised computers in the business world today.  

In saying this - they have limited in-built ergonomic functionality, and using the laptop on top of your lap (see what we did there?) for long periods of time can cause drastic health issues and pain in the future.

For this reason, we have made it a priority to find some high quality, ergonomic solutions for the Microsoft Surface.  Here are our top products to help support you with your Microsoft Surface.

Best Ergonomic Solutions for Microsoft Surface

1. Universal Tablet Desk Stand

We begin with the Universal Tablet Desk Stand.  This product has been built to fit all tablet sizes, including the Microsoft Surface.


  • Adjustable height up to 31cm

  • Sturdy build with heavy base for good support

  • 360 degree rotation adjustability and angle adjustable

The Universal Tablet Stand is perfect to fit the Microsoft Surface and position the screen to eye level for relief of neck and shoulder pain.

$75.00 AUD$100.00 AUD

Includes Free Shipping

  • Suitable for Microsoft Surface Laptops
  • Height & Angle Adjustable Arm

2. Wireless Bluetooth Keyboard for Surface Pro

This is a marvellous solution for Surface Pro users.  It is a detachable keyboard and trackpad that can be attached to the screen for transport storage.  This ability to become a seperate keyboard allows the user to place the screen in the optimal ergonomic position (at eye level and an arm length away) without affecting the position of the keyboard, that should be placed close, in front of your body.


  • Detachable keyboard and trackpad

  • Flat with low-profile keys

  • Clips to Surface Pro for transport and storage

3. Vertical Mouse

Using the trackpad of the surface keyboard is not ideal. For this reason we recommend a computer mouse, but in particular a vertical ergonomic mouse. Coupling your new setup with one of these will help to position your wrist and forearm in the optimal position for comfort. 


  • Available in left or right handed models

  • Eliminate your wrist and hand pain

  • Ergonomically designed

$70.00 AUD$85.00 AUD

Includes Free Shipping

  • Although laptops were named to sit on 'top' of your 'lap', they were not designed for hours of work that they have become in these modern times.  For this reason, it's important to invest in supportive equipment that can help the laptop be in the best ergonomic position for you to work comfortably and productively for long periods of time.

    • Julia Hillen

      Occupational Therapist,
      No More Pain Ergonomics

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