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Enhance Your Workspace Comfort: A Guide to Ergonomic Accessories

This blog post highlights the benefits of ergonomic accessories like adjustable monitor risers, supportive footrests, and cushioned wrist and forearm support that can transform your workspace into a haven of comfort and functionality.

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Why having dual monitors is an ergonomic advantage

Having dual monitors is an ergonomic advantage that can help improve productivity and reduce the risk of pain and discomfort caused by prolonged sitting. Here are some of the reasons why having dual monitors is ergonomically better.

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Creating a Workstation that is Comfortable and Safe

One important aspect of ergonomics is creating a workstation that is comfortable and safe for the user, as a poorly designed workstation can lead to aches and pains.

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How to Choose a Monitor Riser for an Ergonomic Setup

Neck pain and shoulder pain can be attributed to a screen at your desk that is positioned too low from your eye level.  

For this reason, monitor risers were created to allow whatever screen you are using to work to be lifted to the best position for your body at the workstation.

In this article we will look at the different options for different screen types to raise your monitor to relieve neck and shoulder pain.

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Best Ergonomic Products for a Microsoft Surface

Microsoft Surface laptops have limited in-built ergonomic functionality, and using the laptop on top of your lap (see what we did there?) for long periods of time can cause drastic health issues and pain in the future.

For this reason, we have made it a priority to find some high quality, ergonomic solutions for the Microsoft Surface.  Here are our top products to help support you with your Microsoft Surface.

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