Experiencing neck and shoulder pain?  

Neck pain and shoulder pain can be attributed to a screen at your desk that is positioned too low from your eye level.  

For this reason, monitor risers were created to allow whatever screen you are using to work to be lifted to the best position for your body at the workstation.

In this article we will look at the different options for different screen types to raise your monitor to relieve neck and shoulder pain.

Factors to Consider for a Monitor Riser

  • How many monitors do I want to use on it?

  • How big is my monitor screen (monitor risers have a limited weight capacity)

  • How high does the monitor riser/arm go? (ensuring the top of the monitor meets your eye level)

There are many factors to consider when purchasing a monitor riser.

From these factors you are able to identify the style of monitor riser you require - there are 3 main types of monitor riser options we will now describe to see which is the most suitable for you:
solution for neck pain

Stand Atop the Desk Option

This kind of monitor riser is more economical and doesn’t take up too much footprint on top of your desk. Both the options below are adjustable in height.

monitor raiser

Example of a keyboard  and mouse wrist support.


The EyeRiser allows for storage underneath the monitor riser and doesn’t require any assembly of attaching the monitor to an arm.

Full Motion Monitor Arm

This stand allows you to place the monitor onto the riser and adjust its height and angle to the desired position – it has more precise adjustability to the EyeRiser.

Monitor Arms

This is a more expensive option, but it allows you to free up your entire desk space. They are fully adjustable in height and angle and some have included extras such as USB charging ports and cable management.

Calibre Monitor Arm

The Calibre Monitor Arm has an included cable management and a clamp mount that you can place at the back of the desk for easy installation and ease of use.

Fellowes Platinum Monitor Arm

The Fellowes Platinum Monitor Arm also has the included cable management and a clamp mount that you can place at the back of the desk – and includes 2 USB charging ports.

$250.00 AUD

  • Moves with your hand
  • Ergonomically designed for comfort

Includes Free Shipping

Using a Standing Desk Converter

An alternative option, if you were wanting to incorporate a sit stand desk at home, the ‘standing desk converters’ include a keyboard panel and an elevated monitor panel that provides a ‘monitor riser’.

$550.00 AUD$495.00 AUD

  • Reduce the risk of forward head posture by positioning the top of your computer's monitor screen to be at eye level

    • Julia Hillen

      Occupational Therapist, No More Pain Ergonomics


A monitor riser can be the piece of equipment that prevents and relieves neck and shoulder pain while you work. 

Positioning the top of your monitor riser to your eye level is crucial to prevent pain and future injury to the neck and shoulders.  

Using a monitor riser or monitor arm can help position the monitor screen to the optimal height for working at your desk.

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