If you've found yourself reading this article, chances are, like me you are a leftie, or maybe you are just looking to switch things up a little and use your left hand for computer mouse work. Surprisingly, a left handed, affordable, ergonomic mouse is not that easy to find.


Why you ask? 

When an ergonomic mouse is manufactured, they create a mould for the design of the plastic shell. This mould comes at a significant cost and for many manufacturers, the added cost of creating a mould for a left hand version of their mouse just doesn't stack up economically. The largest expense for a manufacturer is the cost of the plastic mould and with the majority of the population being right handed, the figures don't add up for most ergonomic mice manufacturers. 

Here at No More Pain Ergonomics we wanted to take this opportunity to address this gap in the market and as such set out to ensure that we had a number of left handed vertical mice that were affordable and would meet our customers needs.

Our Top Left Handed Ergonomic Mice

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