The Best Left Handed

Ergonomic Mouse

If you're reading this article, chances are, like me you're a leftie, or you're looking to relieve your right dominant hand from excessive mouse use. Surprisingly, a left handed, affordable, ergonomic mouse is not that easy to find. 

Why you ask? 

Well many manufacturers of ergonomic mice aren't prepared to shell out on the extra costs of a left handed mould. The largest expense for a manufacturer is the cost of the plastics mould and with the majority of the population being right handed, the figures don't add up for most ergonomic mice manufacturers. 

No More Pain Ergonomics wanted to rectify this issue in Australia and provide left handed mice for any hand size that are affordable and meet ergonomic standards.

ErgoFeel Vertical Ergonomic Mouse - Left Handed Model

The ErgoFeel Vertical Ergonomic Mouse is an excellent entry vertical ergonomics mouse for all you left handers out there. It's ergonomic design is great for users with medium to large hand sizes and promotes a neutral wrist alignment through its almost 90 degree vertical design. This left handed mouse is our pick as the best in market and we highly recommend it to anyone looking for a left handed vertical mouse.

Ease Vertical Ergonomic Mouse - Left Handed Model

The Ease Vertical Ergonomic Mouse is one of our best selling ergonomic mice and it too comes in a left handed version. It's vertical design is great for users with medium hand size and feels incredibly comfortably and soft to touch. If you are looking for a good left handed vertical ergonomic mouse, you really can't look past the Ease. 

Ease Vertical Ergonomic Mouse
$85.00 AUD
Ergo Comfi Vertical Mouse - Left Handed Model

This is the best left-handed ergonomic mouse for small hands! The ergo comfi mouse is the perfect mouse for anyone looking for a SMALL vertical mouse that is for left handers. It features a comfortable vertical design that fits nicely in your hand and requires minimal gripping. It comes in a wireless connection and is very good quality.

Small Ergonomic Mouse
$85.00 AUD
Evoluent Vertical Mouse Left 4 (VML4) 

The Evoluent Vertical Mouse Left 4 is without a doubt the most popular left handed mouse available. It's design is a classic and given its life on the market and as one of the original ergonomic mice ever invented, it is well trialed and tested. We love this mouse because of its high end quality and the extremely comfortable grip required to use it. What lets this left handed ergonomic mouse down is that it is only available in a wired version and there is no "small" version like there is in the right handed version.

Ergonomic Mouse - Evoluent VML4
$210.00 AUD
Oyster Mouse

The Oyster Mouse is technically not a left handed mouse - it's an ambidextrous mouse as you can use it with either your right or left hand. On the inside of the mouse, there is an adjustable hinge that allows you to adjust the angle of the mouse so that it can change between left hand use and right hand use. This mouse is great for anyone who wants the freedom of being able to alternate between left and right hand mouse use. What we don't like about this mouse is that it is quite small and because of the design of the mouse, you need to grip it a bit more then you would the Evoluent or the ErgoFeel.

Ergonomic Mouse - Oyster Mouse
$230.00 AUD

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