If you have ever worked in a desk / computer job, no doubt you would have heard of the saying "sitting is the new smoking". While not quite as literal as the saying goes, prolonged sitting time has been shown to have some harmful effects on our health and wellbeing. This includes weight gain, high blood pressure and increased blood sugar levels. Whilst the simplest way to address this would be to not sit all day, the reality is that is not an option if you want to put food on the table and provide for your family. More pragmatic ways to address sitting time in the workplace is to take more breaks away from your chair and consider changing your workstation setup to allow standing and using your computer. 

Taking more chair / desk breaks is the easiest and least expensive, but if you've found yourself somehow on our website reading this article, than it is safe to assume you are considering the standing desk option.

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What are standing desks?

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