October is National Safe Work Month in Australia - a time to commit to building a safe and healthy workplace.

Being healthy and safe means being free from physical and psychological harm. A safe and healthy workplace benefits everyone. This is why, during October each year, Safe Work Australia asks businesses, employers and workers across Australia to join National Safe Work Month and commit to building safe and healthy workplaces for all Australians. 

Safer, healthier workplaces are for everyone, every day.

An environment that is safe and healthy contributes to the overall productivity of the workplace. Good working ergonomics is just one part of ensuring your workplace is safe and healthy. Without ergonomics in the workplace, employees will likely develop aches and pains, feel tired, and may develop health related issues. 

Strategies Workplaces can apply during Safe Work Month

Ergonomics Workshop

Organise a lunch and learn ergonomics seminar. Reach out to one of our recommended Occupational Rehabilitation Providers to engage them to deliver an education session for your workforce. Through on some lunch and make it a real event to celebrate safe work month and promote the overall awareness of good ergonomics in your workplace.

Office Ergonomic Assessments

Organise for your workforce to undergo some office ergonomic assessments at their workstation. The assessments are conducted by Allied Health Professionals such as Occupational Therapists, Exercise Physiologists or Physiotherapists, who will be able to provide each employee with some immediate changes they can make to their workstation setup and working postures. Check out our list of recommended Ergonomic Assessment providers. 

Awareness Material

Download and distribute some of these great awareness materials from our friends at Corporate Health Group

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