If you have just finished reviewing all our different and unique looking ergonomic mice, you may be left pondering the question...

Allow me to explain. Traditional mice are designed to be operated using your dominant hand and feature 2 buttons (left / right click) and a scroll wheel. They are designed to be used in a working posture that requires significantly more muscle activiation then compared to the working posture used for an ergonomic mouse. Furthermore traditional mice tend to come in fewer sizes and shapes, meaning the user has to operate the mouse with a set posture - which can sometimes be awkward or cause the user discomfort. Sure, some people do not find traditional mice uncomfortable and can happily operate a computer with a traditional mouse for prolonged periods without any discomfort, however this is not the case for some people. There is a subsection of the population who experience discomfort, aches and pain when they use a traditional mouse, largely due to the strain placed on their muscles and joints by the awkward posture traditional mice require.

Ergonomic Mice are designed with your body's biomechanics in mind. They have been designed to place your wrist, forearm, fingers, elbow and shoulders in working postures that are more comfortable and safer for prolonged use. They come in many shapes, sizes and varieties, meaning the user is able to select a mouse that best suits their particular needs. This sort of customization to the users body is not possible with traditional mice. Ergonomic mice promote a more natural grip, meaning there is less likelihood of discomfort, aches or pains for the user.

If you find working on a computer causes you discomfort, aches or pains, then making the switch to an ergonomic mouse may be the solution. If your aches, pains and discomfort tend to settle when you are not using your computer or maybe your symptoms are at their worst when you are using your computer, it is very likely that you are suffering from an ergonomic related condition. To find out more about which ergonomic mouse is best suited to you, simply drop us a line at info@nomorepainergonomics.com.au - we are here to help you.

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