If you're wrist pain just won't go away, then maybe it's time to make the switch to a vertical mouse. Vertical mice are designed to help reduce the discomfort of using a computer mouse by changing the posture of your hand and forearm. The vertical design rotates your forearm into a more neutral posture.

vertical ergonomic mouse for wrist pain

When your forearm is in a neutral position, using a computer mouse is suddenly more comfortable. Why? Well there are several muscles in your forearm that attach at the base of your arm and into your hand. These muscles control your hand and are activated with tasks such as gripping a computer mouse. When you use a traditional computer mouse, your arm is in a pronated posture. This posture causes the muscles in your forearm to contract more and creates more tension in them. With extended use of your computer mouse and your forearm muscles, they can quickly become fatigued and aches and pains can kick in.

Luckily, the solution is quite simple. By simply changing your working posture to be more neutral, you will immediately notice a difference. Your forearm will feel less tense and your hand will feel more relaxed... because it is! A vertical mouse is the perfect solution for you if you are experiencing aches or pains in your wrist, hand or forearm and spend extended periods of time using a computer mouse.

If you need help picking the right ergonomic mouse, check out this article.

Delux M618 Ergonomic Mouse

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