When it comes to Standing Desks, the options are now abundant. But few have as much research and innovation put into it as the Elevar MaxiShift-X standing desk does. Continue reading our review below to learn why we think it is one of the best standing desks available in the Australian market at present.

Elevar is an australian company that provides quality electric workstation and workstation accessories from it's head office in Brisbane. Elevar claims that

"Years of design and development have gone into our finished products to ensure high quality, reliability, and above all a high level of trust from the end user".

And to be honest, judging from my time with the MaxiShift-X, I'd have to agree with them on this. 

The MaxiShift-X is a standing desk converter which is simply placed on your existing desk to create a height adjustable workstation. One of the great things about this desk is that it comes fully assembled. So setup is as easy as getting it out of the box and placing it on your desk. 

The desk features a larger monitor platform and then a secondary keyboard platform. Unlike some other standing desks, the keyboard platform has adequate width to fit your standard keyboard, mouse and even a notepad. The monitor platform is also a decent size, accommodating my two dell 30" monitors side by side and still leaving me room for paperwork, coffee and other junk I seem to collect on my desk. The  monitor platform measures 900mm wide and 530mm deep, while the keyboard platform measures 680mm wide and 265mm deep. 

At its lowest height, the monitor platform of MaxiShift-X sits 160mm off the desk, while the keyboard platform sits just 22mm off the desk. This is also a nice feature as some standing desks can really elevate your monitor, keyboard and mouse at their lowest height, making it somewhat awkward to sit at them. At it's highest point, the monitor platform sits 575mm off the desk, while the keyboard platformsits 473mm off the desk. This makes it one of the highest standing desks in the market and ideal for those users over 6 foot in height. 

Adjusting the MaxiShift-X is really easy. It has a single release handle on the right hand side. Simply lift the handle and using both your left and right arms, simply move the desk up or down to your desired height. There are no fixed heights on this desk, which means you have more options as to where you set the desk each time. One of the best features of this desk is its adjustable tension. Using the spanner that is stored underneath the monitor platform, you can adjust the tension of the desk to be either lighter or heavier. This is a great feature as once you load up the desk with your equipment, it often feels very different to adjust compared to when it is unloaded. I found that I was able to adjust the tension to a "sweet spot" where it was easy to lift up and down. I would highly recommend you play around with this feature as it does make a big difference. 

Overall I think the Elevar MaxiShift-X standing desk is one of the best standing desks available. Elevar have really thought about the users needs and this is reflected in many of the design elements of the product. Although the desk may not be one of the cheapest available, it really is as the saying goes - you get what you pay for. And while the Elevar MaxiShift-X is a little bit more than some other standing desks, the extra features and practicality it provides really does justify the extra dollars. 

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