Standing desks either work or they don't. Over the past 4 years, we've seen a wide range of standing desks hit the Australian market - some great and some borderline hazardous. After meeting the essential criteria of quality construction and functionality (stability, smooth transitions, etc.), it's all about personal preference. For this review we put the Compact Dual Monitor Standing Desk under the microscope and assessed it on design, function and price. 

Compact Dual Monitor Standing Desk


A striking compact designed desk with a solid build quality; it's easy to adjust in height,has a huge range of preset height adjustments and is excellent value for money at just $375 including shipping. 

Standing Desk Review


The Compact Dual Monitor Standing Desk is incredibly sturdy and surprisingly elegant adjustable standing desk that looks great in any home office. It has great range — suitable for people over 6 foot — and you can set your working height anywhere between 10cm to 50cm. The scissor lift mechanism is much easier to adjust than other desks. The mechanism allows the desk to go straight up and straight down. We've seen some very popular models out there that require lots of manual handling (pushing and pulling of the desk) to adjust its height. The compact dual monitor standing desk overcomes this issue. Our only warning: Despite the mechanism being better, it still does require some manul handling. If you are after a standing desk with no manual handling, then best look at an electric model. 


The design of the Compact Dual Monitor Standing Desk is actually very clevel. They've cut back the depth of the desk (compared to other popular models) but not skimped on the width. This means the desk fits nicely on your desk without it feeling like it takes up the entire desk. The extra width is great for storing your notepad, printed materials, phone etc on. We didn't have any issues with desk space when using the Compact Dual Monitor Standing Desk. It features a two handles on either ends of the desk that you can easily grip the desk when adjusting. Funnily enough, only one of the ends has the lever to adjust the height, but we actually really liked that. For some reason that made it slightly easier to adjust as you only had to lift the lever on that one side. 


This is where the Compact Dual Monitor Standing Desk really comes together. Because when you consider that the desk is excellent quality, great functionality and design, the price just makes it oh so more enjoyable. At just $375, the desk is by far one of the cheapest dual monitor standing desks available in Australia. As a comparison you will pay $550AUD for the Varidesk Pro Plus 36. So the Compact Dual Monitor Standing Desk gets you a lot of desk for not a lot of money. It also comes with a 3 year warranty which is 2 years more than you'll get on one from Officeworks. 

How Does it Compare?

We've done the research for you and compiled a comparison chart between the Varidesk Plus 36 and our Compact Dual Monitor Standing Desk. 


Varidesk Plus 36

Compact Dual Monitor Standing Desk

Width (Monitor Platform)



Depth (Monitor Platform)



Width (Keyboard Platform)



Depth (Keyboard Platform)



Maximum Height



Height Adjustment Settings



Weight Capacity (Maximum)






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