You may have noticed that some ergonomic office chairs now advertise that they feature a "Synchro Tilt Mechanism". But what exactly is a synchro tilt mechanism and why would it be advantageous when considering ergonomics?

What is a Synchro Tilt Mechanism?

In Synchronous tilt, the backrest and seat pan of the chair recline at a different ratio (usually 2:1) as you lean back. So as you start to lean back, the backrest will tilt further back than the seat pan will. For every 10 degrees of recline in the backrest for example, the seat pan only tilts back 5 degrees.

What are the ergonomic benefits of a Synchro Tilt Mechanism?

Synchro tilt mechanism provide a number of ergonomic benefits including:

  • Helps to improve circulation through more regular movements while seated
  • Allows the user to be more mobile during the seated work time, thereby reducing pressure on joints and muscles
  • Minimizes the seat pan rise as you tilt, allowing your feet to remain on the floor while reclined
  • Stretches the chest without applying excess pressure on your thighs

What Ergonomic Chairs contain the Synchro Tilt Mechanism?

Previously, Synchro Tilt Mechanisms have been reserved for high end office chairs such as the Herman Miller. But now they are becoming more common in mid range office chairs. If you are interested in purchasing a Synchro Tilt Mechanism office chair, we recommend you look at either our Ergo Synchro Office Chair or Como Office Chair

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