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If you're like the majority of Australian workers, you're spending most of your day sitting behind a computer. Unfortunately this sedentary working posture comes with a list of health problems, such as weight gain, increased risk of cardiovascular disease and reduced life expectancy. Why wasn't this in the employment contract they made you sign?

Standing would be the obvious solution, if sitting is so bad for us. Using a standing desk is a great solution to help reduce the amount of time we spend sitting and increase our time spent standing. There are also many other benefits to making the switch to a standing desk.


Back and Neck Pain

Prolonged sitting can place additional stress on our spine and the muscles in our back and neck. Over time this can lead to aches and pains. Simply modifying the way you work, by standing more, can actually be enough to help prevent the onset of back and neck pain or resolve it, if you are already experiencing it.


Although not largely proven through studies, many standing desk users report that they feel more focused when working in a standing position. Maybe it's the fact that their lungs aren't so compressed from sitting and they are able to get more oxygen into their lungs or maybe it's the fact that they have increased blood circulation from standing so they are able to circulate more oxygen to their brain. But whatever the physiological reason for this, feeling more focused is always going to pay off on the work we are doing.

Energy Levels

Again, similar to feeling more focused, many standing desk users report they finish their work day feeling less fatigued and that they have more energy than they normally would if they were sitting all day. Surprisingly being more sedentary can actually make us feel more fatigued, similarly being more physically active can also make us feel more energised.

So should you buy a Standing Desk?

If your job requires you to be chained to a desk all day, and you're feeling aches and pains in your back or neck, or you're finishing your day feeling tired and fatigued, then making the switch to a standing desk will probably make you feel significantly better.


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